Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description

Zombie series like "The Walking Dead": a list, a brief description

The revived dead man is very common andfamiliar to each individual cinematic character. A lot has been said about the phenomenon of zombie popularity in mass culture, including in the film industry. Everyone knows that the zombie invasion of the cinema began George Romero. An outstanding visionary worked almost all the main plot ideas, which were later used by the authors who created in the genre of "zombie apocalypse". The direction that the filmmakers cultivated in the folklore and cultural matrix is ​​evolving even now, being reflected in new masterpieces of filmmakers and TV men.serials about zombies such as walking dead

Currently, the status of the cult receivedthe project "Walking Dead", which has already had seven seasons and IMDb 8.50 rating. It's no wonder that many TV channels rushed to stamp serials about zombies such as "Walking Dead". This publication will tell you about the best projects.

One of the main events of our time

Enumerating serials about zombies such as "Walking Dead", the list should be headed for the spin-off of the project, which almost reached its ancestor.

the best serials about zombies

The series shows a very promising beginning -although the spin-off of the "Walking Dead" reaches its ancestor, it's too early to say. Its creators are Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. At the heart of the narrative is the same world destroyed by the zombie epidemic, but the action takes place in Los Angeles, not in Atlanta. In the end, the storyline focuses on the wanderings of a group of survivors. But this show is different from the megahit of the AMC channel in that it is an apocalyptic-paranoid suspense thriller in which the familiar world slowly bursts at the seams. Telenovella looks quite fascinating, and the actors have a good potential, so the project is worthy of being included in the category "The best zombie series."

Spectacular and fantastic

To serials about zombies such as "Walking Dead"it is possible to carry a smart fantastic project "Strain", created by the wizard Guillermo Del Toro. The narrative of a multi-series film exhaustively acquaints the characters, moderately awakens the spectator's appetite with intrigue.series about zombie list

The plot is focused on a group of uninfected,trying to resist the ancient threat and save humanity. Initially, the television series was filmed for cable TV, so it's purely hard and too naturalistic. But for fans of the genre is uniquely valuable and interesting. "Strain" is not just promising, it's an exciting and spectacular project that lasts for 4 seasons and is rated IMDb 7.4.


Almost all the series about zombies, whose listis given in this article, created in the genre of dramatic horror. The exception is the telenovela "I am a zombie" from Rob Thomas. This entertaining detective comedy multi-series film narrates the story of the main character who becomes a sensible zombie and devotes herself to the investigation of especially serious crimes.

The producer and screenwriter Rob Thomas is knownpublic on the show "Veronica Mars". The action of the series develops against the backdrop of a slowly but inevitably looming zombie apocalypse. For all the gloom of the picture, in which the heroes devour their brains, approaching the end of the world, Thomas's creation is perceived as a tragicomedy, as his characters endlessly wither, and most of the scenes are shot in an ironic manner. The series about zombies such as "Walking Dead" is usually not so full of irony and humor.

Fantasy + thriller

The telefilm "Spiral" can only be conditionally attributed toserials about zombies such as "Walking Dead". One of the brightest novelties of the 2014 season is something in between the "Resident Evil" and "Staying Alive". The show lasted only two seasons and showed good ratings. The plot is based on a story taking place at an Arctic station, along which the virus spreads, multiplying the number of infected with cosmic speed.serials about the dead zombies

Claustrophobic place of action is beautifuladded suspense and maintained the dynamics of the narrative. But unfortunately, after the transfer for the middle of the show began to fall apart, the narrative began to sag. As a result, the creators announced the closure of the project.


"Nation Z" - a series about zombies, a list of the best withoutthe mention of which would not be complete. At the beginning of the production, some critics positioned the show as a competitor to "Walking Dead". Spectators complaining that in the TV series Frank Darabonta too much "whining" and very little action, with enthusiasm met the pilot of "Nation Z". Running and shooting in it started from the first minutes, and for the entire pilot release, the heroes managed to destroy as many zombies as the AMC telecute characters managed to eliminate for a whole season. The authors of Z Nation managed to turn not only the adult population into reviving cannibals, but also children, including babies.series about zombies list of the best

If you compare the "Walking Dead" and the brainchild of CharlesShafer, then the saturation and speed of action will be the winner of "Nation Z". However, in all other respects the show definitely loses. And it's not just about the secondary character of the characters who have an analogue in The Walkers, but also about the plot line, which at times repeats the design of Darabont. It's like comparing an amateur shooting and a professional studio project.

A powerful moral dilemma

"In the flesh" and "Cul de sac" are serials about dead-zombies with a philosophical overtones and a powerful moral dilemma in the basis of the narrative.

The British telehorror "In the flesh" is very deepand a spectacular work, narrating about the period when the epidemic is taken under control and there are drugs that can return the inanimate reason. However, this dilemma arises here. And suddenly trying to join the society of ex-monsters will miss the planned reception of the vaccine and turn into bloodthirsty cannibals? And how to forget that recently they ruthlessly dealt with those who are dear to you.

"Deadlock" tells the story of the heroes of the reality show"Big Brother" who were isolated from the outside world, seized by a zombie apocalypse. According to the format of the show, all the characters were selected for the maximum incompatibility of views on life and the opposite of the characters. Therefore, it is problematic for them to stop arguing and unite in order to survive. Critics characterize this TV movie as the first recently successful approach to the theme of living dead.

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  • Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description Zombie series like The Walking Dead: a list, a brief description