Yasha (full name Jacob): value

Yasha (full name Jacob): value

The person's name is given to him at birth and accompanies throughout his life, displaying his personality and even forming an idea of ​​him.

Basically, most names have a full form and a shortened one. As a rule, the reduced, diminutive form is used in an informal setting, in everyday life and in everyday life.

Informal names have occurred as follows: Earlier at the baptism the name of the child was recorded in the church book in the form of a full name, but when issuing a birth certificate to the parents or in the metric, they already indicated the derivative name that the parents themselves wanted to indicate.

The use of diminutive names is quitereasonably, because sometimes the official names are long and difficult to pronounce. If we are faced with rarely used names, we often wonder what the full name is. Yasha, for example, in the official version sounds like Jacob. Here we consider the meaning of this name and its characteristics.

Yasha full name

Yash's name: full name and value

Just the name of Yash is a shortened form of the name: completely it sounds like Jacob. At the present time Yasha's name is quite rare.

The full name of Jacob has Jewish roots andcomes from the popular among the people named Jacob. The biblical meaning of this word is defined as a "follower" or "next on the heels". The name was distributed in the 19th century, and also in the first half of the last century. Of all the male names, Jacob is of the most ancient origin, often referred to in the Bible.

Derivatives on behalf of Jacobs

So, we found out that Jacob is a full name, Yasha -a man's diminished name. Along with Yasha, the derived names are such diminutive as Yana, Yakovka, Yashunya, Yasya, Yanik. There are the following varieties in different languages ​​named Yash: the full name of the Arabs is Jakub, the French have Jacques, the English have Jacob, the Italians have Giacomo.


Ancient Jews revered precisely the first-born - wasA special cult of those who were born first. Proceeding from the biblical legend, Jacob at his birth grabbed his heel twin, who was born ahead of him, in the heel. This he did because he was afraid to fall behind Esau - his brother, who still became the first-born.

Later, when the brothers grew up, with themthere was one situation. Once Esau returned from the hunt and asked Jacob to give him food, for he was very hungry, but the brother put forward a certain demand. It was for Esau to give up the status of the first child in exchange for food, which he agreed to.

Full name of Yasha male

Symbols and character of the name Yasha (full name of Yakov)

The name is associated with the male rider. Brave, strong and strong-willed person.

Color - red. The planet-protector is the Moon. The guardian is a red jasper. Plants are nettle and chestnut.

What is the full name of Yasha

In relations with people, above all, he manifests himself as a pragmatist. Devoid of romanticism and manifestations of sentimentality. The main features of the character are prudence and pragmatism.

Caught in a new situation, as well as in a circlenew people, he does not immediately adapt to the changed situation. From the positive features it can be noted mind and industriousness. If he does it, he tries to bring it to the end and not throw it halfway. He can defend his opinion, but he does not like to bring matters to serious conflicts.

In relations with women, he shows respect. Soft and delicate, tries not to hurt. He loves children, and his wife will take a smart and business woman who can create a cozy home. Getting along with an imperious woman will be difficult for him, as he prefers to be gentle and to be on equal terms in the relationship. He finds it difficult to deny people their requests.

He loves traveling and being in motion all the time. He is looking for profitable acquaintances, if he realizes that he will not get any benefit in the process of communication, he will better stop it.

As a child, it is very mobile anddifficult character. He well grasps new information and has a lively mind. He does not accept advice, hoping only for himself. It is not very easy for him to make new friends, in the priority he has old, time-tested friends, on whom he can rely.

He keeps his word, in this he can be trusted. Simple and easy to communicate. Jacob likes to like people. He has developed intuition, and he can foresee future events. It has good health. In the chosen profession, he often reaches heights, becomes an authoritative and well-known figure.

In relations with his parents, above all, he has a closer connection with his father - respectfully and respectfully him.

Of the celebrities who bore this name, you canSverdlov, a statesman of Soviet times, conductor and composer Handel, Soviet scientist Perelman, poet Polonsky and a large industrialist Sannikov.

Yasha is the full name of Jacob

Professions in which he can potentially succeed

Journalist, writer, hairdresser, jeweler, tailor, humorist, business, director, inventor - the best choice of profession for Jacob.

Thanks to his good commercial abilities, pragmatic mindset and the ability to smooth out conflicts, he could become a good businessman.

Compatibility with female names

He feels comfortable in communicating with Alla,Galina, Alice, Vera, Inna. A happy union can develop with Lyudmila, Inna, Galina, Claudia, Tamara and Polina. The union with Catherine, Raisa and Dina is considered unfavorable for him.

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