Wine from Isabella at home

A unique ancient recipe. Wine from Isabella at home

Isabella grape is easy to growonly in the south, but also in the middle latitudes. Crops are excellent, and the question arises of what can be done from liquid bunches? Of course, wine. Preparing the wine from Isabella is a fascinating process, and the results will please anyone.

wine from isabella recipe

Little tricks of saving vines in winter and collecting berries for wine and juice

In connection with the rather warm winters, the vine inMoscow region for the period of cold weather can not be removed from the support, and thus minimize the hassle. This is the case if the seedling was planted on the south side of the house or another structure that would cover the vine from the cold winds. The vintage of the grapes in the middle lane ripens to the middle-end of September. From berries you can not only make compotes and eat them fresh, but also prepare a drink with an unusual aroma. Knowing the recipe, the wine from Isabella at home is easy to prepare. This process begins with the separation of brushes from the vines. What is important, the bunches are not washed, then fermentation will be better. To avoid irritation of the skin of hands, berries are collected in rubber gloves.


Fruits are separated from the bunch and pressed with the help ofpress or crusher to get the pulp. A juicer for this purpose can not be used, since in this case the bones will be finely divided, which will worsen the taste of the final product.

cooking wine from isabella

Mezgu put in a prepared container is notto the top, as the liquid will wander and rise. You can add sugar. Dishes with semi-finished products are put in a warm place for 3-4 days. The mash is periodically stirred, so that the coloring and tanning agents are distributed evenly.

Opening the recipe "Wine from Isabella in the Homeconditions, "you can see that the pulp should be filtered through a colander and gauze or sieve. The must is poured over glass bottles. If there is a special water seal, then it is installed on the neck. If not, then a rubber glove, punctured in several places with a thin needle, is also suitable.

To make a tasty wine from Isabella, a recipeoffers at this stage to add sugar. In order to get a semi-dry wine, sugar is put in several receptions. 70 grams per liter of wort is poured at the very beginning of fermentation, and then - on the fourth, seventh and tenth days - 200 grams per 10 liters of wort.


recipe wine from isabel at home

When the glove stops puffing, then,active fermentation is over. Now the wine is gently drained (without sediment) with a hose or tube. The glove or bolt is again mounted on top, and the product is transferred for re-fermentation to a cold place, for example, in a cellar before winter. It is these recommendations that give a recipe. Wine from Isabella at home will be ready by January-February. Then it can be bottled and enjoyed with pleasure. It is stored in cool for three years.

This is the recipe for "Wine from Isabella". At home, it's quite easy to cook it. And as a result you will get a completely natural product with a mass of useful substances. This wine does not compare with many store drinks with similar names. In addition, it will be almost free for the vine-grower.

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  • Wine from Isabella at home Wine from Isabella at home Wine from Isabella at home Wine from Isabella at home Wine from Isabella at home Wine from Isabella at home Wine from Isabella at home Wine from Isabella at home Wine from Isabella at home Wine from Isabella at home