Why hair curls

Why hair curls

Why does someone have hair curling, and someone - ideally smooth? There is a scientific explanation for this. It all depends on the shape of the hair in cross section.hair curly

Scientists conducted complex studieshair structure of different people, which allowed to draw conclusions about why curly hair. If you cut your hair and look at its section under a microscope, you can see what it is in shape: ideally round, slightly flattened or distinctly oblong.

Hair with a strict circular section, as a rule,very rigid and even. Usually they are black, dark chestnut, occasionally reddish. These are peculiar to Asians and the inhabitants of the Middle East. Oval (elliptical) section makes hair curly. The more pronounced the "flattening" of the hair, the more clearly his curls. A classic example of the maximum expression of this feature is the black inhabitants of the Earth. Europeans are more likely to have a soft section and light shades of hair: from dark blond to blond. Most often, hair is curled in them only in childhood.curly hair

Also, the presence of curls is determined by hair follicles. If the follicles are curled, then the hair will be wavy. And if the shape of the bulb is straight - straight.

Usually, if the hair is curled in someone fromparents, it is inherited by children. The property of hair curly is the dominant sign, passing to the first-born. However, curly hair may be affected by many factors. Everything is determined by the state of human health. Straightening ringlets, for example, can cause the transferred disease, exposure to chemicals.

Owners of silky hair can affordless careful care for them. Haircut on straight hair is an excellent solution that will allow them to be easily laid, quickly combed and washed. This is a feature of straight hair - be even, do not crumple, do not get out of hair. If the hair is curled, then you need to follow them carefully, so that they are in good condition and look great. So ordered nature. However, this is not an excuse to be upset. After all, she made you a rare gift - to be unique, not like most.

Curly hair is fragile. To curls did not turn into a tow, you need to observe several rules.haircut on straight hair

  • Wash your hair with soft warm water so as not to disturb their structure. Shampoo should be moisturizing, with natural oils.
  • Use a large comb with sparse teeth and anti-static coating.
  • Use special means for curly hair, after washing, apply a nourishing balm or conditioner.
  • Dry hair should be tried in a natural way, without abusing a hair dryer.
  • Never comb wet hair, because this leads to damage to the hair.
  • Regularly trim the tips.
  • Once a week, do a head massage.
  • Styling curls is best sprayed with a goodfixation, apply dry mousse on dry hair. You can use a gel with the effect of wet styling. Naughty hair is easier to "tame" with the help of wax, applied to the tips.

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