Why do rare animals continue to die out

Why do rare animals continue to die out?

Many know that there is a "Red Book", inwhich are endangered and rare animals, as well as plants of the world. But there is also the "Black Book" with a list of animals and plants that have disappeared forever, which people will never see alive again.

Annually the number of some species of animalsfalls steadily as a result of changes in natural conditions and direct or indirect human influence on the environment. Therefore, there was an urgent need to monitor and take into account the dynamics of the number of endangered species, and such concepts as "disappearing", "rare" animals appeared.

One of the reasons why some speciesanimals are extremely rare, these are natural habitats that are distinguished by certain characteristics from the surrounding world. Usually such territories are very small, and animals can not leave them, as they are not adapted to other conditions, or the habitat is on a remote island.

To understand why rare animals of the world disappear, it is best to consider examples from the history of the human impact on living nature. Tragicthe history of the American bisonat many on hearing. According to rough data, before colonization of North America, on its territory lived not less than 60 million of these animals. Local tribes actively used bison as a natural source of food, materials for clothing and housing. But they treated them carefully, and in fact did not affect their numbers.

During the colonization of America beganmerciless mass extermination of animals. At first, they were uncontrollably shot for the preparation of meat and skins. Then the intentional destruction of the livestock began, because their herds interfered with the construction of railways and the movement of trains, they trampled the fields and impeded the development of agriculture. But the main reason for the extermination of bison was to deprive the Indian tribes of their source of existence, to destroy the indigenous inhabitants and seize their lands.

By the end of the 19th century, due to the decline in numbers,Bison was classified as "rare animals". But thanks to enthusiasts of nature conservation, now their livestock was partially restored and saved from complete destruction.

Less fortunatedodo. These birds lived on isolated from the worldislands in the Indian Ocean, in conditions where there were no predators, and food was more than enough. Birds led a terrestrial way of life and could neither fly nor hide.

After the discovery of the islands by the seafarers,extermination of dodo as a source of food. And cats and dogs brought to the islands easily ruined their easily accessible nests on the ground. Thus, the destruction of this species of birds happened so quickly that it did not come to save even museum stuffed animals. And the ancient drawings depicting dodo for an ignorant person, look like a strange fantasy of the artist.

On the shown examples of destruction of faunawe can judge that people do not think about the future of the environment and about their future, and are ready to destroy all that surrounds them for profit and momentary weakness. Including the animal world.

To date, virtually any wildan animal living in a distance from a person can be classified as "rare species of animals." Territories of their habitat are constantly being mastered by people. The animals themselves, under the pretext of conservation, are caught and placed in zoos and zoos where they wither and die.

As a result of technological progress,ecology, and the natural habitat changes. Many rare animals are unable to adapt to new conditions, they stop multiplying and eventually die very quickly.

According to some scientists, if a person does notturn face to nature, then after several generations on the planet there will be no animals or plants and, accordingly, the basic conditions for the existence of the person will disappear.

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