Why do people die

Why do people die?

Everything in the universe is finite. Every one of us comes to this thought. And only a person is given the ability to realize what will not be his. Today, we will talk about why people die. What is behind the phenomenon of death and can you get rid of it? So:

Why we die

The process of death is divided into several stages. Biological death is always preceded by clinical death. If, during a clinical death, resuscitation does not result in either saving the person or stabilizing his actual state, then biological death occurs. This stage implies a complete disruption of the cells and tissues of the body. The connection between the nerve cells disappears, which leads to the complete destruction of the personality, and in the future to the destruction of the entire structure of the organism. As a result of the decomposition of substances, all other systems also become unusable. Science, until now, has not given a clear answer to the question of the causes of death and why people die early. It is also unclear why people are getting old. In addition to aging and extinction of the vital functions of the body, death occurs as a result of injuries incompatible with life. In such situations, the human body receives an impact that it can not bear. That's why good people die.

It is difficult to overestimate the significance that deathhad on the sociology of human society. In fact, all the aggressive actions of peoples are caused by fear or admiration for death. Thanks to this phenomenon, a large number of different rituals and traditions were formed in society. As a result of realizing the finiteness of his existence, a person has found his own unique worldview. The struggle for survival in society is also based on the thought of its fragility. A person realizes that someday he will die, that's why he tries to live as well and as qualitatively as possible. Recall the power of influence on a person when he is threatened with death, both biological and social. It is difficult to imagine an individual who is absolutely free from the fear of death. A person's life is a unique event that must pass very well and diversely. It is this idea that pushes the representatives of society to the conquest of resources and high competitive struggle. Sometimes, people die young, which has a very negative impact on society as a whole.

Death in religion is a very special case. The basic idea of ​​any religion is as follows. After the death of a person expects some other life, far superior in its characteristics, its current. Some teachings can be intimidating with death, but the rest can talk about death as a great gift. Each religion has its own tracts about death and its purpose. Say, Christianity says that after death a person can find himself in Paradise (life is better than earthly) or in Hell (a life full of torment in the underworld). The rules for getting into Paradise are simple - you need to live up to a certain pattern of behavior. If you depart from the rules, a person will necessarily fall into Hell. Despite the scientific unsubstantiated existence of such places as Paradise and Hell, many readily believe that this is a reality. Thus, religion is a means of manipulating the human mind on the basis of intimidation and encouragement of one or another behavior of an individual person. You live by the rules - you will enter Paradise. Sinner - burn you in Hell. But can anyone confirm such an outcome of death? Perhaps not. At least, the world does not yet know about the scientific evidence of the existence of Hell or Paradise. Thus, dear reader, death in religion is an instrument of power over people who live their lives under the yoke of low criticality of perception. To date, everyone is free to choose what to believe in, so atheists are becoming more and more. However, earlier, for dissent could be lost in the fires of the Inquisition.

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