Why Adobe Reader

Why Adobe Reader?

Good day! In this article, we will review the Adobe Reader program, and understand what the Adobe Reader is for. Consider what kind of program it is and what it's eaten with.

Adobe Reader is a software package developed andissued by Adobе Systеms for creating and viewing electronic documents in PDF format. And so, why do we need the adobe reader program, we sorted out "for reading PDF files", and what is a PDF file?

Then we'll see what the PDF file format is and why it's needed.

Portablé Documént Format (PDF) - formatelectronic documents, created by the company Adobе Systеms, which is cross-platform. First of all, it is intended for convenient presentation of textual and graphic information in electronic form, a considerable amount of modern professional printing equipment can directly handle PDF processing. PDF is a universal file format, currently supported by all possible systems. Most text editors easily create PDF files, in accordance with any idea of ​​the author. This format is spread due to its universality, availability and thanks to providing the user with a huge palette of possibilities for presenting textual and graphic information.

Adobe Reader is the free and most widely used PDF document viewer. Those. At the moment, Adobé Réadér is the most popular program for reading PDF files.

Adobé Réadier is naturally not the only onea free program for viewing PDF documents, but thanks to a lot of advantages, it is currently the most popular. Adobe Reader supports all the features provided by the PDF format, including the newest ones.

Great attention is paid to the interface and navigation,as well as the ability to scale documents. There are convenient tools for working with bookmarks, it is possible to view the document in the form of thumbnails.

To perform various operations, there arevarious tools, when using which you can copy the selected text (if it is not protected), use a magnifying glass, take pictures of the selected part of the page, apply the navigation window. The magnifier mode is used for people with poor eyesight. There is a search in the text both in the form of highlighting of the desired word, and in the form of a table.

But there are drawbacks.

The viewer is too large to viewdistribution. In addition, it's too long installation, that calls the question, but on what and on what processes so much time. On a computer with a weak "iron" the program will slow down.

Yet this in the modern world is not a flaw, II do not think anyone will be sorry 100 MB on the hard drive. On any modern computer, this program runs and runs quite quickly. The stability of the program is wonderful, we can say that it is impeccable. Naturally, there is a localization in almost any language, including Russian. Although the intuitive interface allows you to use any localization of the program without problems for the user.

I think now the question of why Adobe Reader, you have disappeared.

Thank you for attention!

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