What to give a girl for a year

What to give a girl for a year?

The first birthday of the child is an important event.only in his life, but also in the life of his parents. If you are invited to a celebration, you should consider a number of options for gifts, because the present should like the little girl-girl and her parents.

From this article you can find out what to give the girl for a year.

Variants of gifts for a girl for a year

Many think that the baby does not care what he needswill be presented for his first birthday, because at that age he does not understand much. However, remember that there will remain photos, which will be a memory of the holiday. For this reason, the choice of a gift should be approached seriously. Let's consider some interesting variants.


At this age the child can already give toys,but only not soft. The best option is to look for those toys that have different adaptations and lotions, thereby developing the skills of the girl.

The best option is to giveconstructor or mosaic. However, they should not consist of a huge number of details, especially small ones. It is best to give a simple designer, consisting of bright large blocks, which are easily folded and disassembled.

If you dwell on something quite simple, a great option will be cubes. They are inexpensive, but they have good developing properties.

Useful gifts

An excellent gift for a one-year-old girlwill be a developing table, which contains several types of teaching and entertaining child elements. This device will allow the baby to learn colors, numbers, musical melodies. Moreover, such tables often know how to "talk" in a game form.

You can also pay attention to trainingshoes. In their design, bright buttons, eyelets and Velcro are used. As a rule, the baby is interested and begins to play with pleasure with a variety of bright details on the legs, and this contributes to the rapid development of fine motor skills of the hands.

A mobile girl can be presented with a game tentor a dry pool in which water is replaced by balls. The latter option will become a kind of simulator for all muscle groups, while for a child such a pool will seem like an attraction.

Pay attention to the hanging swings. The baby will be happy to ride them every day. There are options for swings that have their own supports and are easily located in the room.


You can ask your parents what gift they will receiveoptimal for their child, but if this is not very convenient, then an excellent solution will be to give a certificate for the purchase of clothes, toys, cosmetics for children, photo shoot. There are also certificates for the passage of a massage course for children. By giving a certificate, you will definitely guess with a gift, and it will not be thrown out or gifted, because parents will acquire the really necessary thing.

More gifts ideas for a little girl are looking in our general section Gifts for children.

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