What is the battery capacity

What is the battery capacity?

The battery is one of the most importantelements in any device. The area of ​​its application is wide enough, starting from quartz clocks and ending with powerful reactive power compensators at industrial substations. From the ability to accumulate electrical energy depends a lot, in particular, the operating time of the device until the battery is charged. This time depends directly on the parameter, such as the battery capacity. The more amount of stored energy in it, the longer it will be able to work until the next recharging.

Battery capacityAt present, there is a trend towardsreducing the size of the battery with a simultaneous increase in its capacity. This is achieved through the use of various materials and improvement of the technology of manufacturing devices. In the mobile device market, nickel-cadmium batteries with good performance parameters are successfully used. The battery capacity is measured in the ratio of the rated current to the maximum amount of time. In other words, the device manufacturer indicates how much time the battery can run without recharging at the rated load current.

laptop battery capacityIt is also necessary to take into account the featuresbattery operation. Usually the manufacturer himself indicates in which mode it is necessary to use the device and in which case it can be recharged. Violation of the operating mode leads to the fact that over time the capacity of the battery drops. This leads to a rapid failure of the device.

For example, we can say that the capacitylaptop battery will not change for a long period of time, if it is properly operated. It is not recommended to constantly keep the laptop connected to the mains. This will lead to a rapid loss of the device, since the battery capacity will decrease significantly. The most optimal for such devices is the full charge of the battery, which is replaced by the maximum full discharge. The same can be said for all nickel-cadmium-based batteries.

measure battery capacitySome camcorders, mostly Koreanproduction, are equipped with a special device that fully and in optimal mode for the battery itself discharges it after use. A fully discharged battery can be stored for a long time, until the next use of the camcorder.

There are special devices that canmeasure the capacity of the battery. They determine this parameter by the control discharge method. A fully charged device is placed in the device, which begins to measure the discharge current, voltage and discharge time. As soon as the voltage on the battery drops to a certain value, the test ends. Control of modern meters of battery capacity is made on the basis of controllers. They accurately determine the required parameter and output the result to the display. Similarly, you can follow the measurement process itself. Usually the measurement time does not exceed one to two hours.

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