What is bad for your health

What is bad for your health?

A person is affected daily by many factors. And not all of them have a beneficial effect on a person. Most of the factors have a detrimental effect, but some can be disposed of or fenced off. For this you need to know in person these harmful health factors.

Top of the most harmful factors and things from our daily lives for our health.

Alcohol abuse

Practically every meeting, feast, restpass with drinking alcohol. By using it, you harm not only yourself, but also hurt others. Alcohol abuse reduces life on average by 20 years. It adversely affects the nervous and immune systems, the liver, intestines, heart, potency.


Go out and notice how mucha man is standing with a cigarette. This habit leads to diseases of the stomach, intestines, disrupts the work of the respiratory system, negatively affects the cardiovascular system, destroys the liver and kidneys. Due to weakened immunity, smokers are more susceptible to various diseases. Think about it, but is the minute pleasure of a breath of smoke from such victims? You want to smoke, prepare for the future: myocardial infarction, stroke and lung cancer.

Abuse of medicines

Everyone, even an innocuous pill, other than goodbrings with itself and harm. If taken on a regular basis, they can cause addiction. When they are used, the intestinal microflora and the mucosal state are disturbed, as a result of which we again drink medicines - the circle closes.

Constant nervous tension

The constant nervous tension accompanies us inAll day long: drivers breaking rules, mad head, financial difficulties, conflicts in the family, turmoil at work. Black strips are found in the life of each person, but they need to be able to abstract and switch, otherwise you risk getting a mental illness that will entail all areas of your life.

Sedentary lifestyle

Everyone knows that movement is life. Playing sports is the guarantee of a healthy body. In the absence of physical exertion, hypodynamia, dystrophy develops; there is flatulence, constipation, stagnation and putrefactive processes in the intestine.

Harmful Products

Every day, we consciously consume food, whichdestroys us from within. Improper nutrition will inevitably lead to obesity, heart diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, they also shorten the life of a person. Such foods include:

  • fatty food;
  • products containing dyes, substitutes and flavor enhancers, flavors;
  • chips and French fries;
  • sweet soda drinks;
  • chocolate bars;
  • sausages and sausages;
  • fat meat;
  • mayonnaise;
  • instant noodles;
  • a large amount of salt;

And, it's just the tip of the iceberg. Consciously do not poison yourself from the inside, think about your nutrition.


A couple of cups of coffee a day is normal, and evenuseful. But this is not enough for people! Many, especially office workers, drink up to eight cups. With this volume, coffee will not cheer, but will overload the heart, endangering your health.

Having learned that it is harmful to health, try to exclude at least some of the above factors. Do not be indifferent to yourself, lead a full-fledged healthy lifestyle.

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