What happens if I drink iodine

What happens if I drink iodine?

What happens if I drink iodine?

  • It is important to know that synthetic iodine is toxic when ingested. The problems that arise when using iodine are related to the central nervous system and are similar to the action of other well-known poisons.

  • Iodine is necessary for the body. But iodine must be in the mix. For example, iodine in salt, or iodine in iodomarine tablets. It is impossible to drink iodine from a bottle. Although there are tips, such as drop by drop of iodine in the milk and drink.

  • The temperature will rise.

    Classmates, in order to not go to school, they dripped on iodine and greenery and ate. They fell ill, they did not go to school for a week. Clever. I would never have thought of this before.

  • He drank the iodine. He did not know!

    Well, what can I say.

    He must have been called by God.

    Let's drink on the third!

  • Do not use iodine solution inside. First, the drug is toxic and can cause poisoning of the body, secondly, you can get a severe burn of the esophagus mucosa.

    If suddenly for any reason a person drank iodine, you should immediately go to the hospital.

  • Do not forget that iodine refers to halogens and how all halogens are very toxic. The lethal dose is 2-3 gram, but it's certainly not about 5% alcohol solution sold in pharmacies.

    But that solution itself is not a gift, at school age and student youth and he himself often used a piece of sugar with a drop of iodine to raise the temperature, the tool never failed.

    A solution of iodine is really taken by mouth for the treatment of a number of diseases, while the WFD 20 drops (the highest single dose), .

    In all other cases, the consequences of this method can be the saddest, not always fatal, but leading to disability.

  • When liquidating the consequences of the accident, at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, all the liquidators took several drops of alcohol solution of iodine in the drinking water. Among other things, it seriously protects the thyroid gland. Employees of nuclear power plants, and medical radiologists also necessarily take a solution of iodine, of course those who have brains.

  • Iodine is a toxic substance, so it is not recommended to drink it.

    Here such can be consequences from the drunk iodine:

    • intoxication (poisoning of the body);
    • the temperature may rise;
    • you can get a burn of the larynx, stomach, mouth mucosa;
    • and even a fatal outcome may occur.
  • hmmm ... did not drink) But, like, the temperature should rise :)

  • I do not advise anyone to drink iodine, even in pure, though in diluted form. First, you can spoil your esophagus, and secondly - it can cause problems from the endocrine system and other organs.

  • You can seriously poison yourself. The body needs iodine, but not in such a form as an alcohol tincture, which the wounds process. With the endocrine system, serious problems will arise.

    If you drink a lot, you can die.

  • If you drink iodine, you can get poisoned, do not do it, do not experiment. The iodine that is sold in tablets and which is useful for thyroid gland and for brains is not the one that is contained in alcohol solution.

  • If you drink iodine, then in a short time, at best it's a stomach ulcer, at worst it's perforation of the stomach, which is fatal if the ambulance does not have time to arrive. But a drop of iodine in a glass of water, it's very good to drink every day.

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