What car to buy for 350,000

What car to buy for 350,000?

A person who has an average income, early orlate starts to think about buying a brand new car. But he also thinks about how to buy a new car to 350,000 rubles. In this situation, you should not rush with the acquisition. Before buying, you must first evaluate and analyze the car market. It is worth considering what kind of car, for this money, has worthy characteristics. We will begin our discussions with new domestic cars.

Domestic cars

Our modern car industry will be able to offer many new cars, the cost of which does not exceed 350,000 rubles.

  • Lada Priora with bodies of different types - coupes,sedan, station wagon or hatchback, it can be a good purchase. According to the results of the first quarter of 2011, this car was the best-selling of all variants of Russian models. And this means that Russian automakers fully trust Prior. Problems with spare parts practically do not arise, since they are easily accessible and not expensive. The car is unpretentious in use and corresponds to the ecological standard "Euro - 3".
  • Lada Kalina, in turn, is also fullyis within the framework of 350000 thousand rubles. Recently, the variation of Kalina is more popular - sport, which is characterized by increased maneuverability and distinctive features of design. This car manifests itself not only on intercity routes, but also in traffic jams of the metropolis. The brands of these cars are also attracted by the fact that the state makes subsidies on their purchase, which means a reduction in lending rates in some banks in Russia, when buying cars on credit.
  • Well proven and even such brandsdomestic cars, as the Niva 2121 and Niva 2131. The car is particularly well behaved in off-road conditions. Well, the main drawback today can be, except that a rather large expense of gasoline, which is very important in the face of constantly rising fuel prices. Also, the interior of the Niva does not look very aesthetic. Although these machines are mainly bought because of their practicality, not beauty. The purchase of Niva is also subsidized, which can make it a competitor in Russia to other, foreign and more expensive SUVs.

Purchase of foreign cars

You still want to buy a car for 350,000 rubles, but only not a domestic manufacturer? Then you can consider several more options for buying.

  • Chevrolet Lanos, which belongs to the budgetvariant of foreign cars, has not bad proved on the Russian roads. The model of this car, with a maximum engine capacity of 1.5 liters, spends a total of about 320,000 rubles. This car looks quite modern and beautiful. A pleasant feeling also leaves the car interior. The car is economical and not big at all. In most car dealerships, the warranty for Chevrolet Lanos reaches five years.
  • Lifan is a car with a pretty bizarrename, also enjoys considerable demand. Model lifan520 with a 105-horsepower engine, can cost the buyer around 320000 rubles, depending on the configuration. The modified version of this sedan is called Breeze. This car is beautiful in that some of its parts are easily replaced with parts from other auto brands. This replacement ensures easy maintenance of this car. Another kind of lifana, will cost citizens cheaper. This is Lifan smily. In the design decision on the creation of this car, attempts were made to combine the retro style and the newer trends in the automotive industry. The car fully meets the requirements of environmental friendliness. Also it is worth noting that Lifan showed the largest increase in sales among all foreign cars for the first quarter of 2011. This means that the supply of Chinese cars to Russia is increasing, which may reduce their cost.

Still think which car to buy for 350,000rubles? It's very simple - pick up the machine depending on the purpose of its operation. If you need to go to work and back, take a foreign car, if you need to go fishing or go on a road trip, take Niva.

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