We look in the dream book

Did you dream about fish? We look in the dream book!

dreamed of fishDid you dream about a fish?Then it is urgent to look into the dream book and find out what it means! The common interpretation of this dream is luck, because everywhere and at all times the fish is a symbol of abundance. But, my friends, if everything were so unambiguous, then there would not be our article! The fact is that fish in a dream can mean and not quite bright prospects. It all depends on how you dream about it, what you do with it, and so on. Consider the most popular variations of this dream.

What will the dream book of Gustav Miller tell us?

  • If you dreamed of the fish that you were fishing for, then prepare for disappointments in life.
  • Catch a fish in a dream with your hands? Know that in real life you personally make enemies!
  • Seeing a huge fish floating in clear and clear water means the beginning of some big business that can bring you good dividends if you turn on your head in time.

Has the fish been asleep? Look for an answer from Yevgeny Tsvetkov!

Evgeny Tsvetkov in his dream book paintedvery unusual dreams involving fish. In particular, if you see fish in an aquarium at home, then know that you are being monitored. There is a person who constantly analyzes and evaluates your actions. On the one hand, it's a pretty trivial dream, but on the other - it all depends on its context! For example, if the aquarium fish in your dream are alive and well, then they watch you exclusively for your own good (you are guarded or look better). But if the water in the aquarium is dirty, and the fish are sick or dead, then do not expect anything good from this shadowing - you are going to be hurt.what a lot of fish dream about

What does a raw fish dream about?

  1. Gustav Miller claims that there is a rawfish - to problems with the digestive and respiratory organs. However, if such a fish is eaten by a young girl, then her young man will be very gentle and waking with her.
  2. David Loff interprets this dream in the following way: you dreamed of a fish that you eat raw, - expect diseases and financial losses!
  3. Sigmund Freud does not see anything wrong in such a dream.According to him, this dream speaks about a noticeable growth of your authority and authority both in the professional and intimate sphere of life! If you eat raw fish of different species (carp, perch, pike, shark meat, gudgeon), then expect success in business, full satisfaction from the deeds done and material independence!

Why do you dream a lot of fish?

  1. According to Miller, to see in a dream a lot of lively and brilliantfish - for faster enrichment! For men, this dream promises profit and success in business, and women - iridescent intimate prospects and as a consequence of future pregnancies.what does the raw fish dream about
  2. According to Tsvetkov, a lot of cleaning in a dreamfish - to the news. If you later fry cleaned fish, then wait for the wonderful news from afar; if solite - sad news; if you are going to smoke it - get news that will surprise you.
  3. Do you see a lot of fish that are not caught in any way?Freud says that it is to problems in an intimate life. Men will experience some tension in communication with the weaker sex, and women will often have to visit a gynecologist. If in a dream you see how a large number of fish mate or spawn, refrain for a while from casual sexual intercourse.

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