Viper, Dota 2: Guide. How to play as a Viper

Viper, Dota 2: Guide. How to play as a Viper

It is difficult to imagine a team without a tank in"Dote" - players will be very difficult to attack the enemy, without having at the same quality cover. Most characters do not have high health indicators, so they can die very quickly if they are not covered. That's what tanks are for, but users are used to the fact that such heroes have strength as their main parameter, and Viper is completely different. He has the main parameter - dexterity, it is to him that the character has the greatest increase. But this absolutely does not prevent him from being a quality tank, and also take on other useful roles. But who is this Viper (Dota 2)? Hyde will tell you everything you need to know about this unusual and interesting character.

Choose a Viper

viper dota 2 guide

No one can make you choose anya specific character, because it all depends on your own preferences. So why should you dwell on a hero named Viper (Dota 2)? Hyde has a good reason for this. First, pay attention to the universality of the hero: he can perform in a variety of roles - it all depends on how you will pump it and what things you will use. It can be a tank, and a ganker, and a support, but you can achieve the quality only if you learn to play it well. In fact, Viper is not so difficult to learn, so you can easily take on him - most importantly, do not get confused in the ways of development and do not make such a character who knows only a little bit, but in the sum does not represent anything. It is also recommended to make the Kerry out of the Viper, because he is gaining experience very quickly, and the leit for him comes quite early, at least earlier than for other similar characters. In general, this hero is good, but it depends on you how exactly Viper (Dota 2) will look like. Hyde at the same time warns: do not think that it will be an easy walk, because each hero has its minuses, which must be paid attention.

Disadvantages of Viper

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If you decide to play for this character, thenyou definitely need to find out what disadvantages are typical for the hero Viper (Dota 2). Hyde will not be able to teach you to get rid of them - it is not subject to anyone. But you can learn how to reduce their impact on your hero and partially even turn into a plus. In fact, the biggest disadvantage of this hero is a small amount of health and mana points. He strongly depends on his abilities, but you will always miss mana, well, and with health everything is clear - if you want to use Viper as a tank, then you will need to closely monitor the strip of hp. In the rest, it's very pleasant to play for this hero, and he allows you to creatively approach the pumping. What skills does Viper have (DotA 2)? Hyde will tell you in detail about each of the abilities of this character.

Poyzon Attak

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This ability is the second most important inany build that Viper can build ("DotA 2"). Hyde will tell you more about how to apply it and what it can give you. So, this skill is automatic, that is, after studying it you can activate it so that it constantly works, or deactivate to save mana. In the active state, additional damage is added to each character's attack, as well as slowing movement and attack speed. But at the same time, note that the deceleration percentages are not added together for each subsequent hit, only the effect time of the effect is updated. Thus, you get a powerful and high-quality weapon in the fight against enemies in any conditions. But this is not all that the guide can teach you. Viper ("DotA 2") - Viper is a versatile character for which every skill is important.


Guide to viper dota 2

This skill is the main skill for you, if youplay for this hero. You need to pump it on two levels even before reaching the fifth level, and finish to the maximum to the eighth. What will it give you? This will be told by the guide on Viper. Dota 2 - a game in which very much can solve passive skills, which do not require the cost of mana. In this case, Nettotoxin is your most powerful weapon, which adds extra damage to your attacks on the enemy, depending on how much health he has. If the enemy has 80 percent of his health to the maximum, then 2.5 points are added to the damage, and every twenty percent of the drop in health doubles the amount of additional damage. Thus, if the opponent has less than twenty percent of hp, then to the damage of Viper is added as many as forty units. Here you do not even need a Viper guide to understand how to best use this skill. The less health the enemy has, the more dangerous you are to him. And these numbers are only for the first level of the skill. When you dump it to the maximum, even for a completely healthy hero, you will deal 10 damage, and for almost dead - already 160.

Corrosiv Skin

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The first two abilities are essential forViper, so with the pumping third you can wait. But do not think that it is useless, because in reality Corrosiv Skin is an incredibly powerful weapon. It starts with the fact that the ability is passive and does not require you to spend mana. Any blow that falls on the Viper, increases his resistance to magic, which is incredibly useful. Moreover, the character who attacked Viper also takes damage for four seconds, as well as slowing movement and attack speed. In general, the Viper is untouchable for melee characters, so most often he is hunted only by those who attack from afar and are not affected by this skill. Thus, you have three powerful abilities, two of which are passive, and one is automatic. Already this practically leaves no questions about how to play for Viper. "DotA 2", however, provides all the characters with four skills, so you should not ignore the Viper deadline in any case.

Viper Strike

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Ult is the only Viper skill that does notis passive or automatic. But its application entails serious consequences for the enemy. If the Viper attacks with an ult, the enemy gets a fairly impressive periodic damage within five seconds (in the sum of 300 to 725 units, depending on the level). But the damage is not limited to - the enemy loses from 40 to 80 percent of the speed of movement and from 40 to 80 units of attack speed. Thus, the Viper Ultra is the most dangerous among his skills, but maximum efficiency is achieved in combination with other abilities of the character.

Viper's roles

As mentioned earlier, the Viper canact as a tank, but you will need to closely monitor his health, as he has very little hp. But with this role, he will cope perfectly, in fact, as with the role of the kerry, especially given how fast Viper is gaining experience.

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