Tractor KhTZ: description, price

Tractor KhTZ: description, price

Multifunctional tractor ХТЗ is designed forwork in the communal, construction, agricultural sphere. The Kharkov machine is equipped with wheels with a large diameter and an enlarged protector, which significantly increases the passability index. A wide range of used attachments significantly expands the functionality of the technique in question.

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The tractor of HTZ has a simple construction, it usespopularity in the post-Soviet space. Restyling series 150 was held in 2011. As a result of the modernization, the driver's seat improved, the cabin became a two-seater with improved safety parameters. Among the innovations - an updated panel, enhanced sound and noise isolation, improved visibility. Under the order of the machine are equipped with air conditioning built-in type.

The working position of the unit is given bya powerful engine such as YaMZ-236D-3. The power rating of the power plant is 180 "horses", there is a pre-heating system, as well as a gearbox for three ranges. It is possible to switch the speed of movement, without being distracted from the performance of agricultural work. The gearbox aggregates with a double-sided power take-off shaft, which serves to operate various attachments.

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Below are the technical plan parameters specific to the KhTZ technique (Kharkov):

  • Type of power plant - YaMZ-236D-3.
  • Cylinders - placed V-shaped in an amount of 6 pieces.
  • The volume of the worker is 11 liters.
  • The transfer unit is a mechanical box without breaking the power range.
  • The displacement / diameter of the piston is 140/130 mm.
  • Independent power take-off shaft with two speeds.
  • Traction load - 30-60 kN.
  • The maximum speed (forward / backward) is 17/9 km / h.
  • The track is 1680 mm.
  • Wheelbase - 3000 mm.
  • Weight - 8.5 tons.
  • Turning radius (minimum) - 6 m.
  • Ground clearance - 400 mm.

Used equipment

The HTZ tractor is adapted to operate the following types of attachments:

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The tractor of KhTZ is convenient in operation, it hasreliability, high quality indicators, an acceptable price. An additional advantage is the availability of consumables and spare parts in all regions of the country.


The workplace should be noted separately,since it received a number of cardinal improvements. The salon is designed for two employees, it provides all the conditions for the optimal organization of the work process. The operator's seat is equipped with springs with hydraulic cushioning elements. They have the ability to adjust to the weight of the driver. A system for neutralizing vibrations is provided, which appear in the process of moving along a complex ground and uneven surfaces.

Both seats are adjusted for the inclination of the backrest anddistance to the instrument panel. Ventilation in the cabin of the tractor HTZ-150K is of natural type (air circulates through the open windows on the sides). In the cold season, comfort and heat are maintained by the heater. All indicators, control and monitoring devices are placed in such a way that they do not interfere with the person. At the same time they are freely available to the operator. The cabin is decorated with good insulation, practicality and simplicity.

Cost and analogy

The price of an HTZ tractor is much more affordable than that of aforeign technology of an identical class. In this case, the functionality and comfort are practically the same. For this reason, the positions of the technology in question remain stably high in the post-Soviet countries. The second-hand model of the year 2000 can be purchased for 600-700 thousand rubles. But more modern modifications will cost 2-3 times more expensive.

The main competitors of this machine:

  • "Slobozhany" (HTA-200V).
  • HTZ-17221.
  • MTZ.

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The tractor of Khartsyzsk Tractor Works (Kharkov) is equipped with partsincreased strength. This allows it to operate successfully in different climatic zones. With proper maintenance and following the recommendations of the manufacturer, the working life of the equipment before the overhaul will be a long period.

The design of the unit maximizes ease of accessto the basic working elements, simplifying their maintenance, replacement and repair. Acceptable price and availability of spare parts are also weighty factors affecting the popularity of this machine. As the tractor aggregates with a wide range of attachments, its application is relevant in various areas, from the transportation of goods and ending with the processing of farmland and assistance on construction sites.

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  • Tractor KhTZ: description, price Tractor KhTZ: description, price Tractor KhTZ: description, price Tractor KhTZ: description, price Tractor KhTZ: description, price Tractor KhTZ: description, price Tractor KhTZ: description, price Tractor KhTZ: description, price Tractor KhTZ: description, price Tractor KhTZ: description, price