Toothbrush: dental reviews

Toothbrush: dental reviews

Adults and children know: if you do not brush your teeth, there is a very unpleasant sore - caries. Ideally, it is desirable to clean the oral cavity after each snack, even if it's just a chocolate or bun. Of course, this is not everyone's option. But even if to brush your teeth on all the rules, the freshness lasts long in the mouth, and the new plaque is growing incredibly fast. Japanese scientists have solved this problem. Their ion brush for teeth works wonders, easily and permanently making teeth clean, and a smile - radiant.

Features of plaque

Any of us know what's on your teeth during the daya layering called a plaque is formed. And not only is the food to blame, because the plaque is formed constantly, even during sleep. A simple brush removes it only mechanically. The tooth ion brush, invented by the Japanese, operates in a completely new way.

If you look at the plaque under a microscope,it becomes clear that it consists of living and dead bacteria, microbes living in our mouth in incredible quantities. Having formed thousand of colonies on teeth, they not only spoil our smile and breathing, but also secrete acids that destroy tooth enamel and cause gum disease. How long and diligently they can not brush their teeth, they can only last a couple of hours, no more, without a raid. Ion brush for teeth (according to manufacturers' assurances) is capable of increasing this time by five times. For information, dental plaque is not only a cosmetic defect. Japanese scientists have reliably determined that it several times increases the risk of heart attack, affects the work of many organs, and sore gums can cause breast cancer. So joking with these dental problems is dangerous.Toothbrush

The principle of the ion brush

It used to be that plaque is formed on the teeth,because the microbes are equipped with special receptors-suckers, and even a special adhesive enzyme is isolated. In recent years, scientists have established that the surfaces of our teeth have a charge of "minus", and microorganisms - "plus". According to the laws of electrodynamics, the charged objects are attracted. The tooth ion brush is designed so that its bristles have a negative charge. During cleaning, you just need to touch their teeth. At this moment, there is a weak for humans, but very significant for microbes electric current. The point of contact on the surface of the tooth changes its polarity, its charge becomes positive. The microbes that formed the plaque begin to be attracted to the bristles of the brush.

This process occurs only at that moment,When there is a touch of bristles of the tooth or gums. When it stops, the old charge sign returns. The ionic stream itself is produced by a titanium rod inserted into the handle. No buttons that include a brush, it is not on, just a light bulb (it works as an indicator). If it burns, then the battery is still working. If it does not light up, the brush should be thrown away, as the change of batteries is not foreseen by designers (this is probably to ensure that the brush does not become permanent). It starts to work this miracle of Japanese thought from the heat of the hands, saliva in the mouth (you do not have to spit on the bristles) and a wet finger. Light is also desirable.ion toothbrush reviews

Why does the tooth ion brush create an unusual freshness in my mouth?

Conventional brushes are able to clean the plaque onlymechanically. This is not enough for the reason that only certain types of microbes "stick" to the teeth, for example streptococci. The remaining hundreds of species that live in the oral cavity are in free movement. They also influence the smell from the mouth (with the exclusion of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other organs). While the Japanese did not come up with new technologies, people achieved fresh breath by rinsing with bactericidal solutions. Now the mouth cavity from microbes perfectly cleans the ionic toothbrush. The testimonies of those who have already tried it out fully confirm the remarkable effect and note that the feeling of freshness lasts much longer.

Why an ion brush is useful for gums

Very many people have problem gums, veryoften they are bleeding when brushing their teeth. Especially often this happens when the inflamed gums are touched by the stiff bristles of conventional brushes. These are only the first symptoms of gingivitis, which arose because the under-dental plaque was hardened and turned into tartar. It turns out a vicious circle: with a brush with soft bristles you can not clean your teeth well, and with hard ones you injure your gums.

An even more serious disease, calledparodontitis, occurs when microbes of the oral cavity penetrate into the gap between the gums and teeth. Perhaps, in this case only a tooth ion brush can help. Her bristles are not just soft, but very tender, touching them even with heavily inflamed gums does not hurt at all. Cleansing, as noted above, occurs not by mechanical friction on the tooth, but by creating an electric current, so the gums are not completely injured. On the contrary, their condition improves. Manufacturers state that their invention can be used as a lightweight galvanizer, electrophoresis and a massager.Ion brush for children

The risk of developing periodontitis with the use of a Japanese brush is also significantly reduced, since it is now possible to perfectly clean microbes from even the most inaccessible places of the oral cavity.

Types and types of Japanese ion brushes

In the world market, there are many models of ion brushes, differing in external design and price. But the main difference is in the type of battery. There are two of them:

1. Round built-in batteries. They, unlike sentries, do not change. When their service life expires, the brush is ejected.

2. Solar ones. They are sufficiently durable. The service life (when using a brush twice a day) is several years.

Another criterion by which models differ,- this is the very principle of work. In some brushes, to make them work, you must always put a wet finger to a certain metal label. In others, this is not required, which is much more convenient.

Of course, it's up to you to decide what kind ofion toothbrush. The reviews of her adherents point out that it is much more advantageous if several removable attachments come with it. So you can just replace one another when the time comes.

Toothbrush ion (Japanese) and children

Baby tooth teeth differ from adults notonly because they do not have roots, but also because the enamel is very thin, and the dentin is soft. Acids produced by microbes penetrate the tooth's body faster and destroy it. Therefore, the problem of children's caries, unfortunately, is quite acute. To the younger generation with a desire to clean the teeth, the industry produces pleasant toothpaste. Often they have a fragrance of fruit and resemble sweets. But even then, not all babies like to brush their teeth. Ion brush for children really turns this process into an exciting activity. First, as the manufacturers say, you can do without toothpaste, and secondly, do not rub with a tooth brush. For many children, this brush became a favorite. The use of more than one child has saved frequent visits to the dentist.

ion brush for teeth

Model Splat

Toothbrush "Splat" (ionic) - full nameIon Smart Toothbrush SPLAT - is manufactured in Japan since the end of the last century. Produced by the corporation "Hukuba", specializing in dental products. A distinctive feature of the model is the condition of touching the titanium mark on the handle with a wet finger at the time of oral cavity processing. When you tear off the finger, the process stops. Some users consider this convenience, others - a disadvantage. The brush is working from the built-in battery. The shape of the head "Splat" is very convenient. The kit includes two or more removable attachments. The bristles are of different lengths, and at the tips are thinned. Thus, an excellent result is obtained in cleaning from plaque and microbes in the most inaccessible places. According to buyers' feedback, the Splat ion toothbrush is great for those who have problems with gums, children, people who travel frequently, since it can be used without toothpaste. Also after using this brush, the effect of bleaching of enamel is noted.

Model Soladey

Toothbrush Soladey by Shikenbegan to be produced about 20 years ago. By its basic parameters, it differs little from the ion brushes of other Japanese firms. Powered by a battery built-in the handle. When cleaning teeth with a wet finger, you need to keep a titanium label. It is also important to have at least some light source. These brushes have become very popular over the years, because they have a wonderful quality. They perfectly help to cope with many dental problems, for example, such as:

  • plaque;
  • tartar;
  • inflammation, bleeding gums;
  • stale breath;
  • darkening (yellowing) of tooth enamel.

The developers of the company decided to improveyour product. As a result, a new product, the Soladey J3X ion toothbrush, was launched on the market. He underwent numerous tests and was completely approved by dentists. Unlike the previous model, the new one has a built-in solar panel, which is why the service life has increased many times. Plus, you do not need to fix a wet finger on the handle. The ion flux in the new brush also increased significantly, further improving and facilitating the process of brushing the teeth. A good addition is also a complete set of different nozzles. Shiken offers them a variety of rigidity, including ultra-soft and rubberized.

The company warns about the existence of fakestheir products. Thus, Soladey 3 brushes are manufactured by Chinese manufacturers. They have a few thinner pens and are oriented towards an Asian buyer. On the packaging of such goods, all information is given only in Chinese.

toothbrush soladey

The Kiss You model

Ionic brush Kiss You is also produced by Japanesecompany "Hukuba". Its design is quite attractive, especially in models for children. You can buy a brush with or without nozzles. In the latter case, when the bristles are worn out, a set of nozzles produced by the said company is simply bought. Kiss You brushes work from a non-replaceable battery built into the handle. This is their only big minus. To start the production of ions, you need to apply a wet finger to the titanium mark, and moisten the brush itself. Further actions are normal, as with any brushing of teeth. Only strongly rub on the enamel is not necessary, since all the dirt easily and quickly breaks off the surface of the tooth (stretches out of hard-to-reach slots) and rushes to the bristles. Brushes with a soft, medium and hard pile are produced. The length of the bristles is also different. Usually on the brush panel is fixed 4 rows of ordinary and 2 rows of pyramidal villi. The weight of the brush is about 30 grams. According to numerous reviews, Kiss You (ion toothbrush) performs the following functions:

  • ideal removal even of persistent plaque (for example, from coffee);
  • polishes and bleaches the enamel already from the first application;
  • helps to eliminate bleeding gums;
  • with constant use relieves without visiting the dentist from tartar;
  • long-term maintains the effect of freshness in the oral cavity;
  • gives the opportunity not to use toothpaste (those who do not want to give it up, you need to put a very small amount on the brush);
  • Do not hum and do not vibrate, which is observed when using electric brush;
  • perfectly copes with children's plaque.

Toothbrush Ipplic plates

Who should not use ion toothbrushes?

By numerous and enthusiastic reviewsconsumers, the miracle of inventive Japanese thought - a tooth ion brush - like a magic wand in the hands of a sorcerer, is able to get rid of gingivitis, whiten and polish enamel, painlessly remove tartar, and help to treat periodontitis without visiting dental offices. In addition, it can be used not only without toothpastes, but even without water! Also, manufacturers and advertisers are convinced that such a brush perfectly cleans all dirt from tooth braces, implants, crowns and bridges. Another feature of the innovation, which can not be overemphasized, is the possibility of performing physical exercises without leaving your home, since the ion brush performs galvanization, massage and electrophoresis of the gums and mouth.

However, not all doctors fully agree with theadvertisements. The real plus of using such devices, they see in the normalization of the acidic environment in the mouth, which really affects the freshness of breathing. Another point noted by skeptics: if you still use a good toothpaste during the operation of an ion brush, the charged ions will affect the fluorine and calcium atoms, contributing to their better penetration into the tooth. All this, along with compliance with the rules for oral care, really helps to avoid cavities.

 toothbrush ionic Japanese

However, there is a category of people who can not use ion brushes categorically. These include:

1. Those who smoke a lot and constantly. Nicotine has a very negative effect on the mucous membranes of the mouth, provoking multiple diseases. The flow of ions can aggravate their course.

2. Patients with leukoplakia, candidiasis, dyskeratosis and any other diseases of the oral mucosa.

3. People who have constant dryness in the oral cavity.

4. Those who have metal designs in their mouths, made of different metals.

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  • Toothbrush: dental reviews Toothbrush: dental reviews Toothbrush: dental reviews Toothbrush: dental reviews Toothbrush: dental reviews Toothbrush: dental reviews Toothbrush: dental reviews Toothbrush: dental reviews Toothbrush: dental reviews Toothbrush: dental reviews