The drug Heparin: instruction

The drug "Heparin": instruction

The drug "Heparin" is a drug that is an anticoagulant of direct action and inhibits the coagulation of blood.

The medicine "Heparin". Instruction: Pharmacology

There are some data that the drug hasimmunosuppressive properties, that is, suppresses the body's defenses. This makes it possible to use it for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as glomerulonephritis and hemolytic anemia, and also to prevent rejection crises in kidney transplantation.

The drug acts quickly enough, however,for a short time. With a single injection into the vein, inhibition of coagulation occurs almost immediately and lasts up to four hours. When administered intramuscularly, the effect comes a little later, about 15 minutes later, and lasts up to six hours. When administered subcutaneously, the action begins in forty minutes and can last up to 12 hours. The most constant effect of reducing blood clotting occurs when administered intravenously. Despite this, for the prevention of the drug is often administered subcutaneously and intramuscularly.

Medication "Heparin". Instruction: indications for use

The drug is used for therapy and preventiondiseases associated with obstruction of blood vessels. It is also often prescribed to prevent the formation of thrombi in thrombosis, myocardial infarction, embolism of arteries and veins, vessels of the eye, brain. Drug is administered in open-heart and vascular operations, to maintain blood in a liquid state in hemodialysis machines and artificial circulation.

The drug "Heparin". Instruction: How to use

It should be noted that doses and methodsThe administration of the drug is purely individual and is determined only by a doctor. If acute myocardial infarction is diagnosed, in the absence of contraindications, it is recommended to administer the drug in the conditions of emergency first aid and continue in inpatient treatment. The day before the drug is discontinued, the daily dose should be gradually reduced, but the interval between injections should not be increased. From the third day of treatment, indirect anticoagulants can be added. The action of the drug is monitored by determining the coagulation time of the blood. Clotting time should be determined during the first seven days of treatment at least once every two days.

Medication "Heparin". Instruction: side effects and contraindications

Applying the drug "Heparin", you need to take into account that,that hemorrhage can develop. In order to prevent complications, the drug must be administered only in hospital settings. If there is an individual intolerance or allergy, the administration of the drug immediately stops and prescribes drugs that inhibit allergic reactions.

Contraindicated drug for hemorrhagic diathesis, acute aneurysm, venous gangrene, acute and chronic leukemia, violations of the liver and kidneys, endocarditis, infarction of the kidneys or lung.

The use of the drug "Heparin" in pregnancyit is possible only for very strict indications, since the risk of undesirable consequences fluctuates to 21 percent. Use the drug only under careful and constant medical supervision. During the period of breastfeeding, the medicinal product is acceptable for use.

Medication "Heparin" -tablet is not used (this dosage form is not produced), most often this drug is prescribed in the form of injections.

This article has a purely informational nature, so before taking the medication you should always consult a doctor and carefully read the manufacturer's instructions.

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  • The drug Heparin: instruction The drug Heparin: instruction The drug Heparin: instruction The drug Heparin: instruction The drug Heparin: instruction The drug Heparin: instruction The drug Heparin: instruction The drug Heparin: instruction The drug Heparin: instruction The drug Heparin: instruction