Than to treat thrush in men

Than to treat thrush in men?

Male candidiasis - this is a very rare phenomenon, according tocompared with women, as the pathogens of the disease are simply washed out of the urethra by urine. And from the physiological point of view, Candida fungus is very difficult to "get accustomed" to the genital organs of men. Therefore, any manifestations of such a disease in them are an alarming symptom of a decrease in immune protection, or indicate the presence of other infections that are sexually transmitted.

Than to treat thrush in men? In order to answer this question, it is first necessary to determine the signs of the manifestation of this disease. The clinical picture of balanitis (thrush) is as follows: a few hours after the sexual act may occur mild hyperemia, as well as a sensation of itching and irritation of the skin. These symptoms quickly pass, but indicate a special sensitivity to the causative agent of the disease. In some cases, small papules can form on the foreskin and on the head of the penis, which eventually transform into vesicles and pustules. At the opening of such formations, erosion occurs, prone to fusion. They are bordered by a collar from a flaking, horny layer of skin. Very often on such erosions appear curdled, whitish discharge or raids. Sometimes they quickly pass after another sexual intercourse, and sometimes in the foci of hyperemia the cornea layer is macerated, becomes completely white, and after its rejection there are strong erosions that have a shiny and moist surface. With such an acute form, the process extends to the inguinal folds and the skin of the scrotum.

If you do not know the doctor in time, than to treatthrush in men, the lesions located on the foreskin are covered with a pseudomembranous coating. Are very painful cracks, it becomes difficult to expose the glans penis. In neglected balanoposthitis can lead to narrowing of the foreskin and the formation of phimosis. Also, vegetative ulcers and granulomatous candidiasis may occur.

The main symptoms of the disease:

  • Itching and burning;
  • Pain during sexual intercourse;
  • Redness on the penis;
  • Edema of the head and foreskin;
  • Unpleasant, persistent, sour smell;
  • Formation of plaque on the head.

So than to treat thrush in men? In the beginning, the so-called local treatment is applied. Creamy preparations are applied to the penis head twice a day. The course of treatment is a week. If the disease is started, then certain antifungal drugs taken orally are also administered. All medicines must be prescribed by the attending physician. Self-medication is extremely dangerous and can lead to the development of cancerous tumors.

In order to achieve the desired effect withtreatment, men should necessarily regularly make toilet preputial bag and head of the penis, to remove smegmy, pus and raids. Prescribed bath trays of disinfectant and anti-inflammatory drugs. It can be a 2% solution of ordinary baking soda, a gentle pink solution of potassium permanganate or a 1% solution of boric acid. Take such a bath once a day.

Good special anti-Candida preparations also work well in the form of a cream. They are applied to the head and foreskin a couple of times a day for a week.

To have a good treatment of thrush inmen, drugs should be taken only in conjunction with a certain dietary diet. In particular, you can not eat spicy, sweet, spicy and pickled dishes. Strictly excludes any alcohol. For more effective and effective treatment it is necessary to abstain from sexual activity throughout the course.

In addition to direct treatment of the diseaseit is necessary to simultaneously strengthen the immune system with the help of various modulatory drugs, and also take vitamin complexes, otherwise it will be very difficult to avoid relapse of the disease.

Little to know how to cure thrush in men,it is also necessary to take appropriate measures to prevent the occurrence of such a disease. Since in 90% of cases it occurs due to contact with an infected woman, it is necessary, with the slightest hesitation, to use condoms during sexual intercourse. If such an unpleasantness has already happened, the treatment should be "family", that is, the spouse should also be examined and undergo a treatment course.

Now you know how to treat thrush in men, so you can always quickly cope with the problem, not allowing it to move into a sharp form.

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