Spain, Costa del Sol: photos and reviews of tourists about the resort

Spain, Costa del Sol: photos and reviews of tourists about the resort

Huge popularity is gaining more leisure incountries of Europe. One of the most attractive countries for tourists is colorful and exquisite Spain. Today we will get acquainted with the southern part of the country - Costa del Sol.

General information

In the south of the country there is a picturesque andsunny coast. Spain, Costa del Sol - the region of the autonomous community of Andalusia, also includes the settlements of Malaga, located on the coastline.

The coast stretches for as much as 300 km. Sandy beaches, slightly diluted by rocks, which sometimes reach the very edge of the Mediterranean Sea, are characterized by picturesque views and a pleasant atmosphere. Here all conditions for a good and comfortable rest are created. People with any income can find the right option.

A distinctive feature of the region is the highthe average annual temperature is +19 degrees Celsius. But it should be noted that the coastal waters cross the cold Atlantic current, because of which the water temperature is about 20 degrees above zero. And only in the height of summer, in July, it can warm up to 23.

Nevertheless, the coast has enough warm and steady weather, 320 sunny days a year. Here is a longer swimming season than anywhere else in the country.

The capital of the coast

Malaga is a city and a municipal centerin the composition of Andalusia. The city has an amazing microclimate, which exists thanks to the rocks surrounding it. There are so many sunny days here that it seems as if there is never a rain.

Costa del Sol

If you do not tolerate the heat, it is worth remembering,that in summer the average air temperature is +30, and the maximum temperature can be above 40. In autumn and spring, the climate becomes softer and more pleasant. In the evenings, when it becomes easier to breathe and you can relax from the beaches, it is worth visiting the historic part of the city. Unfortunately, now it is not too great, and one day is enough to see all the sights.

Tourists are lucky enough to see one of thethe oldest theaters, whose history began in the I century AD. e., and an amazing example of Arab architecture - the palace of Alcazaba, erected in the IX century. Walking through the labyrinth of narrow courtyards, you can see strange plants, amazing flowers and a lot of fountains.

There is everything to get acquainted with the culture of the country and find out what it is - Spain. Costa del Sol offers an excellent opportunity to relax and learn a lot of new things.


In the early sixties there was a realtourist boom. And the first mass flow of people took over Torremolinos due to its close location to the airport of Malaga. But today various tours (Costa del Sol, Spain) offer a holiday in this beautiful city. Cozy hotels from three to four stars, located on the first line, are always ready to host guests. The proximity of the airport is not at all noticeable for the residents - no noise, because all the planes make a landing on the other side.

If you look from the sea on the coast of Torremolinos, you can visually divide it into 2 parts: east and west. Between them lies a rock.

If you prefer lively beaches, lightfuss, then you will approach Bachondillo, otherwise you will need Plaiamar not far from him. It is quite calm and not too crowded even at the peak of the season. It is worth noting that this place is perfect for a holiday with children and people who do not differ in swimming skills. The entrance to the water is quite gentle and long.

Whichever option you choose, be aware: all the beaches are urban, so you do not need to pay for their visits.

holiday in the Costa del Sol Spain


The next city after Torremolinos is locatedclose enough - so much that it is difficult to determine the exact boundary. Benalmadena is like a huge balcony hanging over the Mediterranean Sea. This beach resort, and mountain.

The city center is represented in the original Andalusian style - white stone houses, narrow crooked streets. Everything here is cleaned up, always clean and cozy.

Many eminent people choose to rest inBenalmadena (Spain, Costa del Sol). You can see that some residents and visitors of the city prefer to move on water equipment. At the entrance doors of their houses are parked its various options: boats, yachts, scooters.

If you are looking for an elite property in Spain(Costa del Sol), then this is an appropriate option. On the artificially created islands there are amazing and fashionable apartments. Two-bedroom apartment in this area is worth at least one million euros.

property in spain delta


This city is one of the best resorts that Spain offers (Costa del Sol). Fuengirola is located 35 kilometers from Malaga.

The city is not only a resort area, but alsoport for fishing vessels. It was founded by the Phoenicians, but to this day is actively working, supplying marine products to the entire coastal zone.

Experienced tourists are advised to visit the city center andenjoy the beautiful views and color of the country. Children will definitely enjoy going to the zoo, where various representatives of the living and flora are gathered.

The city is an ideal place to relax infamily circle, which is confirmed by the feedback of tourists. Infrastructure is created in such a way that here the time flows slowly. Those who like to go shopping will appreciate modern supermarkets and large shopping centers, "Court Ingles" and "Miramar", known throughout the country.

tours of the Costa del Sol Spain


Once the city was a small fishingsettlement. But along with the rest of the neighbors it began to develop actively in the postwar period. Picturesque spaces attracted not only ordinary tourists, but also real creative personalities. Inspired by a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant lifestyle, here was created several paintings by the famous artist Salvador Dali. You can look at the coast from a bird's-eye view by visiting one of the viewing platforms.

Among other things, the city is visited with pilgrimage. In the ancient chapel, carved into the rock, parishioners can pray to the holy face of the Virgin Mary.

Unusual and attractive for tourists (theirreviews say this) can become a holiday in Costa del Sol (Spain). For example, in Mijas, not to sweat in stuffy cars, you can use the exotic mode of transport - donkeys. All animals are specially trained, they have a neat appearance.

If you love art, then definitely visit the Museum of Miniatures. Those who prefer this spectacle - the road to battles with bulls.

resorts of the Costa del Sol Spain


A lot of beautiful and expensive resortsto tourists Spain. Costa del Sol, Marbella is truly a fashionable, elegant and fashionable place. The city extends for 28 km along the coastline. Beautiful beaches are surrounded by a picturesque marble promenade, along which palm trees grow and the Sierra Blanca rises.

Beaches of this city are considered one of the best, andYou can spend a rest here comfortably and comfortably. Of great importance in the creation of such popularity is Mount La Concha, which, like a huge fence, encloses the city limits and creates a microclimate. The weather here is changing very smoothly and gently. In summer, the temperature does not exceed 27 degrees, and in winter the thermometer columns rarely fall below +15.

Guests and residents of Marbella are given the opportunity to choose between paid and city beaches. Here is the largest sports port on the entire coast of the Mediterranean - Puerto Banus.

Spain Costa del Sol Reviews


The resorts of Costa del Sol (Spain) providea choice for people with different incomes. If you are interested in a budget option, then Nerja will be an excellent choice. Despite the low economic status, the city is distinguished by friendly residents, beautiful nature and architecture. This place is chosen for privacy and relaxation in the tranquil atmosphere of cozy beaches and lagoons.

A distinctive feature of the city can be considered a rocky terrain, which creates incredible scenic paintings.

The most important sight of the city are caves. In one of them there is a stalactite entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Its height is more than forty meters, and its width is more than fifteen.

Another feature of the caves is the unique acoustic data. Thanks to this, an annual International Music Festival is held here, which can be visited in July and August.


Despite the huge influx of tourists and constant development, the Costa del Sol (Spain) has preserved one amazing corner, filled with rustic charm and special color.

In addition to beautiful beaches, the city can surpriseits incredibly picturesque National Park and the Los Resales de Sierra Bermeja reserve. It is here that the only fir forest is found throughout the country.

The climate in the city does not differ from the neighboring resorts: mild, subtropical with a small amount of precipitation.

For tourists, the eastern part of the city is most interesting. There is an excellent infrastructure with a variety of hotels, some of them boast a level of five stars.

Costa del Sol Spain

Manilva and Torrox

Two more wonderful cities offer uscoast of the Costa del Sol. Well-developed tourist base, many hotels, chic restaurants and cozy cafes-bars. There are places for walking and sightseeing: churches, ancient castles. There are places for secluded recreation and noisy city beaches.

Visit each of all the cities described abovewill give a lot of unforgettable impressions and help you to enjoy your vacation. Comfortable hotels, amazing culture, incredible sunny beaches - all this offers Spain (Costa del Sol). Reviews of tourists about these places are filled with pleasant impressions from successful rest.

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