Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

Maria Soboleva

Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

Have you ever had the idea to organize your seasonal business? There are questions - is it profitable, on what exactly can you really and quickly make money, what are the risks of this method of making a profit. We will talk about the most popular business ideas at different times of the year.

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Seasonal business - the risks and benefits

Seasonal business is better for those who are not afraid to take risks, quickly focus on the market of goods and services and are able to respond quickly to any situation.

And although the main goal of such businessmen is to get the maximum profit in a short period of time, one should not ignore popular wisdom - “prepare a sleigh in summer”.

Before the onset of the “fish” season, you need to be thoroughly prepared: calculate your investments, upcoming expenses, planned returns, select trading platforms, sign rental contracts, prepare products or orders for its delivery, find future employees.

For example, if you purchased a large batch of air conditioners,but you do not have enough specialists in their installation, you will not see profits - clients will not wait for their turn to install for weeks but will find another company.

Summer seasonal business - popular ideas

Ice cream and drinks

Ice cream trade seems to be the most banal type of seasonal earnings. But in the heat of a sweet cool delicacy was, is and will always be in demand.

Immediately, we note the downsides of this business: high enough competition, dependence on the weather and the location of the outlet.

You will need a chest freezer, which you can buy (about 400 y. E.) Or rent (from 150 y. E.), A trading place with electricity connection, a place to store the refrigerator. It is necessary to conclude an agreement with the supplier of ice cream and hire a seller, if they themselves do not intend to sell.

On average, the profitability of a business is 30%, that is, almost a third of each daily revenue.

ice cream trade
Attractive to many novice businessmen seems to be the idea to start selling spill kvass in the summer.

Immediately warn about the difficulties with which this seasonal business is connected: you will have plenty of competitors, regulatory agencies are often interested in selling kvass, it is extremely difficult to find a good (crowded) place for sale, everything is already taken up to you.

Advice to businessmen - it is preferable to work with trusted distributors, otherwise there is a high risk that in the high season you will face a shortage of goods, especially kvass in draft kegs.

Advantages of trade: the demand for goods will be all season, the profitability of the business is high, the costs of organizing their business are small.

Hotel for animals

If you take the popular ideas of the summer business, then nurseries and hotels for pets look very attractive way to earn money.

It is suitable for animal lovers and people related to veterinary medicine.

Leaving for vacation owners give their pets in good hands, for which they pay a certain amount. Prices are individual, but on average a cat’s night will cost 2 y. e., and a large dog - in 4-5. e. Fee paid separately.

cat and dog
You will need a rented room if you do not have your own home with a garden.

Guests need to provide separate enclosures, cleanliness, ventilation, veterinary care, feeding and walking. This type of activity may well become your family business.

In addition to overexposure, you can offer your customers additional services: washing,combing wool, grooming, clipping claws, animal transfer, a webcam in the pet's room so that the owner can watch him.

On average, with an investment of 3500 y. E. For the summer season (in the presence of 20 rooms for animals) really get about 9000 y. e. income at full load of the hotel (but excluding additional services).

Entertaining ideas

Perhaps the most popular attractions are water balls (aquazorby). The advantages of this type of summer earnings include the simplicity of the organization and a small investment of finance.

But be prepared for tough competition. The disadvantages are also a limited number of places where you can offer your services, and an increased interest in such attractions of controlling organizations.

When in the village there is a reservoir, you can use it for skiing in aquazorba (a less expensive option), and the provision of services in the park will additionally require the purchase of a pool.


And if the pool is an economy option, then only children can ride in the balls.


You can also organize inflatable rides, a shooting gallery, karaoke near cafes and in places of mass festivities, offer rental of rollers and bicycles.

Summer seasonal business - a storehouse of ideas

What other types of summer seasonal business that are in demand due to their profitability?


We offer ideas: vermicultivation, that is, the cultivation of Californian worms. Great for rural residents, it is possible to organize such a business in a small town.


You can make money on the production of vermicompost and the worms themselves as bait (a sought-after product from fishing enthusiasts). Biohumus offer organic producers, summer residents, greenhouse owners, farmers.


Nature lovers can do beekeeping, farming, collecting herbs, berries and mushrooms.

grass collection 

Interesting ideas for those who are active and sociable: organizing a tent camp (even avid tourists today want at least minimal comfort), or green tourism (not to be confused with rural ones) - when you yourself become an organizer of the hike, having provided a route, convenient parking as you go and places of rest in a beautiful area.

The authors promise ideas for the summer season at least 10,000 y. e. net income (if you take about 80-100 cu per person per 3 days of the trip).

Summer is a great time to make money on photography services.You can shoot in places of mass recreation, in night clubs, at weddings.

Winter seasonal business - sought-after ideas

Do not miss the opportunity to organize a profitable seasonal business in the midst of your favorite New Year holidays.


This is a golden time for those who have the talents of organizing all kinds of entertainment events - youth parties, corporate events, and matinees.

Fairy-tale characters continue to be in demand, because every year Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are invited to the kids. Almost no attachments - costumes and paraphernalia (staff, bag), and on the day you can visit with congratulations and up to a dozen addresses.

Ded Moroz and Snegurochka
The main disadvantage - the crowd of competitors. But here it all depends on your quickness and ability to advertise yourself.

Useful and profitable winter business - snow removal. Urban utilities do not always cope with this task, therefore the services of the company created by you will be in demand.

Snow-removal equipment is not cheap, but the costs will pay off if you organize cleaning of courtyards and streets in several districts of the city.
You plan to simultaneously engage in the destruction of icicles on the roofs, then remember the safety of the employees and residents of houses.


Climbing equipment is required to work on high-rise buildings.

In winter, they also earn money by selling and renting seasonal equipment - skis, skates, sleds, and snowboards.


And although all these products are sold all year round, the demand for them increases by winter. It's easier to engage in this business to those who already have outlets.


There are two ways to make a profit: to expand the store’s range by actively replenishing it with winter

equipment, or even reorient from summer goods to winter.

winter equipment
Success will help competent advertising, including on trading platforms on the Internet, and adequate prices.

In the winter season, the owners of stadiums and open areas can make good money: you need to fill the rink, offering civilized conditions (lighting, music) and organize skate rental.

Another popular ideas of the winter seasonal business are towing cars, warming rooms, selling hot drinks and pastries, selling Christmas trees, Christmas paraphernalia and decorations, including those made by hand (hand-made now in fashion).

Autumn-spring seasonal business ideas

Quite popular spring offers - cleaning of territories after garbage and dirt accumulated over the winter and planting of sites and streets of cities and towns.

Free subbotnikes in their yards are not all residents welcome, so the improvement services will find their consumers.

There is also such a type of seasonal business as the maintenance of summer cottages. Many owners do not want to direct and maintain order themselves, entrusting it to specialists.

The flower business is also often seasonal, and in spring you can make good money on beauty. The implementation of flowers for Valentine's Day and March 8 will require you to install tents in crowded places, purchase goods and hire vendors.

The price of a traditional tulip on sale will be 5-6 times more expensive than in a nursery or greenhouse. Having invested, for example, 1000 y. e., you can get 2000 y. e. net profit (just a couple of days).

The sellers of cosmetics and perfumery should become more active for the holidays. Such products will traditionally be bought.


The autumn seasonal business that is worth considering is, of course, the realization of the gifts of the fields and gardens. The most profitable business is the sale of watermelons and melons. Some experts claim a profit of 10 times the cost.


Wholesale gourmet suppliers - rural farmers and farmers - offer large quantities at prices that differ many times from the cost of melons and watermelons in the city.

The expenses of the businessman consist in the purchase of a consignment of goods, delivery to the city, organization of platforms for the sale and hiring of sellers.

A good seasonal business in the fall is the sale of stationery. Relevant from mid-August until the end of September.

sale of stationery 

Considering the popular ideas of the autumn business, it is impossible not to mention tire fitting. Preparing a car for winter requires the owner to “change” his iron horse.

Often, drivers have to stand in lines to change summer tires for winter ones. It is rational to offer such a service in garage cooperatives and in parking lots that do not have their tire fitting points.

Business on the Internet is considered to be year-round. But those who sell, for example, dropshipping, tracks some seasonality of orders.


For example, on the eve of the summer season, the demand for recreation items increases. It is necessary not to miss the best moment and correctly organize the delivery of goods.

There are a lot of ideas for seasonal business - from the simplest, requiring almost no investment, to larger ones, with certain financial costs.


But in any case, the main thing that attracts potential businessmen is the possibility of quick earnings and high profitability.

Seasonal business and hired workers are profitable, everyone gets the opportunity to earn extra money - from students to retirees.


And there are always risks, in any business. So go ahead.


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  • Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas

    Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas Seasonal business. Piggy bank business ideas