Revit instructions for use

Revit instructions for use - a guide to action

It's no secret that in the times of the Soviet Unionon the shelves of pharmacies, quality multivitamins were quite difficult. Therefore Revit, the instruction on which application has always been attached to each package of the drug, has become a truly universal medicine, which was prescribed to patients of almost any age. Even today, for most domestic consumers, it is more customary to buy exactly these multivitamins - it satisfies the quality of this medicine and the cost that is available to virtually all social strata of the population.

The composition of the drug is the basis of the clinical effects of the revitalization

All buyers know that it's screaming, the compositionwhich does not provide for the release of individual dosage forms for children and adults, is most often used as an effective means of vitamin therapy with insufficient intake of vitamins with food or their increased excretion from the body. We know that these multivitamins are available in the form of a dragee, covered with a shell of colored sucrose.

It is known that for colds or inperiod of recovery after any illness the doctor recommends taking Revit. Instructions for use of the drug explains the use of this drug neighborhood in that it contains ascorbic acid, which has an antioxidant effect. Its use improves the processes of synthesis in the body of connective tissue components, therefore, the drug is recommended for problems with joints and tendons, teeth and blood vessels - any organs with which this tissue is (and there is practically any organ and body system).

In addition Revit, instructions for usewho reports on the influence of ascorbic acid on the synthesis of certain hormones of the adrenal glands, must be prescribed to patients with frequent colds. After all, their cause may be a reduced level of hormones.

This multivitamin preparation containsfat-soluble vitamin A (retinol), which participates in the work of the visual analyzer, therefore, in cases of eye diseases, the doctor also recommends taking Revit. Instruction for use advises in this case to take this drug sufficiently long courses - at least 4-5 weeks in a row, and if necessary, the course of treatment can continue.

Important components of Revita are two vitaminsgroup B - thiamine (B1) and riboflavin (B2). These substances affect the processes of metabolism and energy in the body, the synthesis of protein and lipid compounds, the timely removal of free radicals from tissues and the normal absorption of iron. It must be remembered that the dose of these vitamins in the preparation is sufficient for the normal vital activity of a healthy organism. With expressed signs of hypovitaminosis, the doctor can advise Revit only after eliminating the main manifestations - this drug is intended more for the prevention of hypovitaminosis, and not for its treatment.

How to take a rev rev

For most patients, the doctor recommendstake this drug at age-related dosages and adjust the dose depending on the state of health and physical activity. On the safety of the drug says and the fact that revits during pregnancy can be taken without restrictions in the age dosage - but it is better to consult a doctor who, if necessary, can appoint women and special multivitamins with micronutrients during this period of life.

The drug can be taken regardless of food,but the resorption of dragees, so beloved by most children and adults, is undesirable - the components of Revita can be destroyed by the action of gastric juice, causing soreness in the epigastric region. This medicine is better to take, without chewing, and drink plenty of liquid.

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