Restaurant with European cuisine

Restaurant in Chelyabinsk. "Barbaresco" - restaurant with European cuisine

"Barbaresco" in Chelyabinsk has been working for more than threeyears. The atmosphere of this establishment combines the signs of a cozy restaurant and a solid bar. In the "Barbaresco" chamber atmosphere, muffled light, there are large and soft sofas. In the center of the restaurant there is a bar. In 2016, "Barbaresco" received the title "Best Restor Bar" in the "Golden Fork" (this is a popular restaurant award).

chelyabinsk barbaresko

The capacity of the institution is aboutfifty people. Book tables in advance. The restaurant has parking. Sometimes DJs play in the restaurant, live performances are held. If you pre-order a banquet, then there is a discount of 10%.

Kitchen and dishes

In the restaurant "Barbaresco" in Chelyabinsk, the menu is quite extensive. Mostly it serves Mediterranean and European cuisine.

In the soup section there are the following dishes:

• ear in Finnish;

• chicken soup with noodles and shrimp biscuit;

• Borsch with beef.

barbaresko chelyabinsk menu

If you like pasta, then in this institution you can taste it. The menu presents more than eight items of this dish. Guests can enjoy the following dishes:

• Penne with white mushrooms;

• carbonar in cream;

• spaghetti with seafood and ink cuttlefish;

• Pappardelle with shrimps;

• tomato paste with cheeses and others.

Also in the institution prepare a variety of steaks from chicken, turkey, tuna and salmon. In the menu there are the following dishes:

• lamb kebab;

• medallions of veal;

• chef-burger;

• shin of lamb with couscous and others.

Guests of the establishment can try the dishes from the bird,for example, a cordon of turkey, fillet of duck with draniki, duck leg and others. The menu also includes fish dishes. Guests of the establishment can try the following dishes:

• Squid with mashed potatoes;

• cutlets from pike;

• Ladoga pike-perch with tomatoes and mushrooms and others.

Desserts are served with different sweets, for example, carrot or chocolate fondant, cakes, strudel, fried ice cream and the like.

Wine map

In the wine list guests will see an unusualclassification of beverages. Visitors can taste wines from Portugal, France, Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Spain, Georgia and other countries. There is even non-alcoholic wine. Also in the map are:

• Cuban rum;

• tequila;

• vodka;

• Calvados;

• beer (bottled);

• liqueurs;

• Vermouth and other.

Still there is a huge amount of cocktails. Also there are non-alcoholic drinks, namely: smoothies, fresh, cold teas and lemonades. I would like to say separately about home teas. They differ in unique tastes. For example, you can try red tea with vanilla and elderberry. Also there is pistachio with coconut milk. Another interesting and tasty tea is jasmine with rose and grapefruit.

The average check in this institution is one thousand rubles.

Barbaresco (Chelyabinsk): phone, address and time of work

Where is this institution located? The restaurant is located at the address: Chelyabinsk, Entuziastov street, 11.

barbaresko chelyabinsk phone

There is a restaurant "Barbaresco" in Chelyabinsk ongraphics. From Sunday to Thursday - from twelve o'clock in the afternoon until one in the morning. On Saturday and Friday, the schedule is slightly different. The restaurant opens all the same as on other days, at 12:00. But then it closes later - at five o'clock in the morning.


All visitors who visited the institution"Barbaresco" in Chelyabinsk, they say that this is a good place to relax with friends and family. Despite the fact that the restaurant is pretentious, here you can have a good time. The kitchen in "Barbaresco" in Chelyabinsk is excellent. Meals are served very nicely decorated. At the same time, they are incredibly tasty. Guests also celebrate a wonderful hookah.

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