Razdolie (eco park, Omsk): photo, reviews, how to get

"Razdolie" (eco park, Omsk): photo, reviews, how to get

Residents of big cities just need timefrom time to get out on the nature, to recharge energy and throw off the accumulated fatigue. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, so the joy of Omsk people who already have the opportunity to fully relax, without wasting time on a long trip. It appeared after the complex "Razdolie" (eco-park) began to operate in the city.

Omsk is a place where there are a lot of interesting tourist sites and attractions, but the appearance of this recreation center in nature can be considered a real gift for its residents and guests.

"Expansion" ecopark Omsk where is located

general information

"Razdolie" (eco-park, Omsk) consists of a hotel,Banquet-hall and bath patios, each of which is decorated in a specific style. Free parking is provided for guests. All these objects are located on a fairly spacious, fenced, landscaped and well-groomed territory. Its design was handled by professionals who were able to create a magnificent landscape design, defeating the features of the terrain and equipping artificial reservoirs.

On the territory of the eco-complex there is also a veranda "The Fisherman's House". It is designed to rest the company for up to 20 people and is located right on the shore of a small picturesque lake.

From the veranda you can fish, renting fishing rods, and prepare shish kebabs, as there are barbecues and tables for organizing gatherings in the open air.

"Razdolie" (eco park, Omsk): where is the

The complex is located at: ul. Mira, 112 A, building 1. It has excellent transport accessibility from all points of the city. Thus, "Razdolie" offers outdoor recreation in the heart of Omsk, which is a rarity.

To reserve a patio, a banquet hall or order a particular service, you can call: +7 (3812) 40-55-77.

ecopark "Razdolie" Omsk photo


In "Razdolie" (eco-park, Omsk), you can organize and hold any large-scale feast (weddings, anniversaries, etc.). At your disposal:

  • Banquet hall "Empress", designed for 140 guests and 32 seats on the summer veranda. It is a great place to organize a wedding feast.
  • Banquet room "Mr. Wright", which can accommodate 35 guests.

The menu of dishes of Russian and European cuisine, prepared by experienced chefs, striving to satisfy the taste preferences of the guests of the eco-complex as much as possible.

eco park "Razdolie" Omsk reviews

Bathroom patio

Lovers of "Razdolie" (eco park, Omsk) offer to organize such a pleasant pastime for every taste. They can choose from 6 bath patios:

  • "At a lake". The Finnish bath with a pool size of 3 to 2 m. Designed for a simultaneous recreation of 20 people. The sauna uses healing Himalayan salt, you can order massage, as well as kitchen and bar services. The interior of the patio is decorated in the style of a hunting trap. The bath house "U Lakes" is an ideal place for stag parties and recreation as part of big men's companies.
  • "Chalet". The patio is ready to accommodate up to 12 people at the same time. The interior is decorated with a West-European chalet. There is a swimming pool, a spa area. There is a kitchen with dining utensils and all necessary equipment so that guests can cook their own food. In the courtyard, surrounded by weeping willows, there is a brazier, oven and a large table, protected by a canopy. In the Finnish bath you can use various types of brooms and steam infusions.
  • "Athena". This is one of the most popular guest houses of the complex "Razdolye". It attracts beautifully designed interiors in the style of Roman baths, and there you can enjoy all the delights that are typical for the traditional Turkish hammam. The patio is designed for 12 people. In the yard there is a large table under the canopy and everything necessary for cooking shish kebabs. Guests can also go fishing.
  • "The hut". For fans of the traditional Russian wood-heated sauna, this patio can seem like a real paradise. At the same time, 10 people can get together there. In the courtyard, surrounded by spruce trees, a mangal area is organized and a large table is set up, after which it will be pleasant to pamper yourself with a delicious shish kebab in the fresh air. There is also an equipped kitchen with a set of dinnerware.
  • "Bamboo". This patio with an interior, made in the style of a traditional Japanese bath ofuro, like the refined natures, who love refined entertainment. Guests can order a tea ceremony, as well as arrange karaoke.
  • "Family". This patio offers steaming "in Russian" on wood. There you can spend time with a large company, as the capacity of the guest bath is 20 people. There is a pool area of ​​3 to 4 m, a spa area, and in the courtyard there is a barbecue area with a large table.

Razdolye eco park Omsk

Additional services

The main thing is what is famous for the complex "Razdolye"(ecopark, Omsk), - rest in the hotel and in the bath patios, as well as holding various celebrations in the banquet hall. In addition, guests can use the following paid services:

  • various types of massage;
  • Spa rituals "For Two";
  • lease of territory for children's holiday;
  • photo sessions on the territory;
  • master classes for children and adults (kanzash, decoupage, creation of candy bouquets);
  • lease of territory for exit registration of marriage;
  • service "Morning of the bride" in the hotel room of the "Lux" category, etc.

"Expansion" ecopark Omsk how to get


Judging by the records left by the visitorscomplex on Internet forums, they, as a rule, remain satisfied with the level of service and services provided by the ecolabel "Razdolie" (Omsk). The reviews indicate that it is possible to organize and conduct a corporate event there, as well as any other event with a large number of guests. Especially a lot of kind words can be heard about the high level of organization of wedding celebrations in the eco-park. In addition, the newlyweds are delighted with the gifts that the directorate makes to them (a free photo session with guests, renting a place for an out-of-door registration, subject to the order of the banquet, wedding night in the suite).

As for dissatisfied visitors, theirClaims, as a rule, relate to a rise in prices for services. However, according to the management of the institution, this situation is a consequence of the increase in costs associated with the increase in the cost of utilities.

"Expansion" (eco park, Omsk): how to get

In 600 m from the complex there is a stoppublic transport "Radio station". You can get there by bus number 14 (it runs between the railway station and the village of Nikolaevka) and No. 25 (route: Neftezavodskaya - Novo-Aleksandrovka).

To stop "Radio station" there are also shuttle buses №203, 309, 393, 421 and 424.

Razdolye eco park Omsk holidays

Ecopark "Razdolie" (Omsk), photo of whichpresented above, invites everyone to spend an unforgettable day or evening, and organize a celebration that your guests will be pleased to remember even many years later.

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