Pork liver dishes

Pork liver dishes

Many meat lovers are rather disdainfulbelong to the liver, which is considered a meat product of a lower grade. However, this opinion is fundamentally wrong. The liver contains many useful substances, for example, easily digestible iron and copper. And also - calcium, zinc, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, C. The liver is very useful for children, women in the situation, as well as for those who suffer from diabetes. And if you cook it right, it turns out very tasty. Pork liver dishes are very diverse. If you include at least a small number of diets, your body will receive an excellent supply of nutrients.

Before you start cooking something from a pigliver, you should learn how to properly process it. Be sure to clean it from the ducts and films, and to make it softer, you can soak it in milk. In no case can you overeat the liver, from this it will become almost inedible. To save the situation it will be possible only, having stitched it for at least an hour with sour cream.

Pork liver dishes: fry with oranges

Many believe that the fried liver is obtainedtoo tight. In fact, if it turned out to be tough, it means that you have prepared it improperly. An example can serve as a fried with oranges liver. To cook it, polkilo liver cleanse, mine and cut into pieces no thicker than 1 cm. Each slice of grease with mustard and roll in flour, and then fry in oil for about 8 minutes. Add salt, put a little ground ginger and black pepper and fry another 3 minutes. Then transfer it to a dish, and in addition, add 2 tablespoons butter butter, half a glass of water, boil, and then strain. After that, add 1 orange juice to the oil mixture, half a glass of red wine dry and slightly warm. This mixture must be poured into pieces of the liver, and decorate with orange slices on top.

Pork liver dishes: pate

Surely many people have tried shopping in the storepate. Believe, cooked alone, it will be much tastier! So, cut half a kilo of pork liver into small pieces. 80 g of pork shin is also finely chopped and fried until the fat is over. Then put on the frying pan one shabby carrot and one finely chopped onion and fry them until half cooked. Then add there the liver, ground pepper, salt, a little grated nutmeg nutmeg. Fry, covered with a lid, until a golden hue. When cooled, scroll through the meat grinder several times. Add half a glass of meat broth (you can substitute for milk), boil, and then cool and add 100 g butter butter. Beat with a mixer until the consistency of the pate. Then the dish should be given the appropriate shape (ie roll or balls).

Pork liver dish according to Japanese recipe

We cook a glass of rice, rinse with cold water,mix with 40 g of canned peas, a spoonful of ground paprika and keep in a water bath for 10 minutes. 50 g of tangerines are disassembled into slices and fried in butter slightly. Then 200 g of liver should be cut into thin pieces, dipped each in vegetable oil and roll in rice flour (and can be in wheat). Then they need to be fried on both sides, sprinkled with red pepper and salt.

Pieces of liver in one layer put on a plate, on each top we put a slice of tangerine, sprinkle with soy sauce. The table is served with rice.

Pancake liver fritters

Cooking stuffing. The liver should be cut in half, with one onion scrolled through a meat grinder. Then add 2 eggs, a spoonful of sour cream, 2 tablespoons of flour, salt and sprinkle with black pepper. Mix thoroughly with a mixer. In the frying pan, we heat the oil and fry the pancakes laid out with a spoon from 2 sides. The table should be served with vegetables or sour cream.

Pork liver dishes: salad

We clean and cut with semirings 2 large bulbs,lightly fry in oil. Then add the same half a kilo of liver cut into small pieces, and fry until done (about 7 minutes). Then we put in a salad bowl a carrot in Korean style, 2 diced cucumber pickled, then we spread the cooled down liver and fill everything with mayonnaise.

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