Pain in the nose

Pain in the nose

The occurrence of any pain in the nose indicatesviolation in the work of this body only. To find out the causes of unpleasant sensations, you should contact an otolaryngologist or traumatologist.

One of the reasons for the appearance of pain in the nose are organ trauma. In this case, violations in the integrity of its tissues are noted.

Pain in the nose, characterized by intensity, canIt is a consequence of an acute inflammatory process in its paranasal sinuses. In addition, there is a narrowing of the lumen in the body cavity (in some cases, even complete closure), as well as a delay in discharge. Localization of pain is noted in the area of ​​the affected sinus of the nose. When pressing on the sinus wall, it is strengthened.

With ganglionitis of the pterygoid node, patientsfeel pressing pain in the nose, as well as soreness in the area of ​​the inner eye angle. The development of the disease is characterized by lesions in the border sympathetic trunk. In this case, a combination of the inflammatory process in the frontal sinus with the development of inflammation in other sinuses is noted. If several sites are affected, ganglionitis is defined as a trunculitis, a trocite or a polyglyonite. Depending on the focus of the lesions, symptoms of the disease appear. As a rule, this disease is a consequence of influenza, dysentery, malaria, typhoid, pneumonia, pleurisy and other. To the reasons contributing to its development, include violations in metabolic processes (liver disease or diabetes), neoplasms, and intoxication. Infectious ganglionitis is characterized by severe hyperemia, infiltration of nodal tissues, edema.

With neuralgia affecting the nosorecnic nerve(Charlene's syndrome), there are bouts of pain in the medial eye corner and in the corresponding part of the nose. The occurrence of seizures is predominantly observed at night and is accompanied by autonomic disorders of pronounced character. These include rhinorrhea, lacrimation, swelling of the nasal mucosa from the side of the lesion. Sometimes it hurts in the nose and on both sides.

Chronic sinusitis is accompanied by a decrease in mental and physical activity. With this disease, the pain in the nose is non-intensive and may be accompanied by unstable headaches.

Soreness accompanies and lesions of skincover the outer surface of the body (furunculosis). At the same time, it is of an intense nature and irradiates into the forehead or the temporal region. When touched to the nose, soreness is severe. Also there is swelling of the organ, redness, constriction of the entrance and tension of the tissues.

Pain sensations can accompany and runny nose(rhinitis). When the mucosa is inflamed, there are also abundant discharge from the body, a decrease in appetite, irritability, disturbance of normal nasal breathing.

Rhinitis is divided into chronic, acute, allergic, hypertrophic rhinitis.

With allergic rhinitis, excessivewatery discharge from the nasal cavity, congestion, lacrimation, sneezing, headaches, red eyes. The causes of this type of rhinitis include the excessive sensitivity of the organism to the activity of various allergens that penetrate the mucosa of the nasal cavity. An allergic rhinitis often occurs from dust, pollen, animal wool.

With hypertrophic rhinitis, dryness of the nasal cavity, difficulty in nasal breathing (obstruction), bleeding, decreased sense of smell, difficulty in blowing out.

In many cases, the occurrence of rhinitis is associatedwith hypothermia of the body. In this case, the cold also causes microorganisms: bacteria (gonococci, streptococci, staphylococci), viruses (measles, influenza, adenoviruses).

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