Organization of the desktop: an overview of the options

Organization of the desktop: an overview of the options

The workplace is a personal centerflight control. On how good his organization is, labor productivity depends directly. Organization of the desktop with your own hands - how to do it right? Tips and tricks in this article.

Arrange everything correctly

Remember that the monitor should be ondistance of 45 centimeters from the eyes. What you often use, it is better to place closer to yourself, from the side of the prevailing hand. For example, phone and office trivia. Why is it convenient? There is no need to drag on, tearing everything in its path.

organization of the working table

Rationally use stationery

You are sure that you need 15 pencils,15 pens and a cutter? Competent organization of the desktop begins with rationality. Keep on your desk only what you use constantly. The rest is better to put in a table, in a pencil case, and better take it away.

You can have a separate chest of drawers or a rack for office supplies.

Use stickers without fanaticism

Glue the monitor with all colored paper,which you will find, like a message board, is meaningless. Diy desktop organization is unthinkable without moderation: take notes only with short-term reminders about the most important.

Do not overdo it with personal things

The organization of the desk desk should reflect the harmony between personal life and career. It is not simple.

What lifts our spirits and warms our soulsduring the working day? Memorable souvenirs, family photos and other pleasant trivia. However, what causes a storm of emotions in a person's soul, often distracts him from work.

Experts advise to keep on the table no more than three personal things.

organization of the workplace table

E-mail: regulated use

One of the most convenient ways of communication on the Internet is e-mail. But if the employee is constantly distracted by letters, this will inevitably affect his productivity.

Check the mail no more than twice a day, and turn off notifications so as not to destroy the rest state.

Paper work - a separate place

Sometimes the organization of the desktop is so inconvenient that there is no room for paperwork by hand.

Depending on the prevailing hand, have an unoccupied place. It is not necessary that it be large. It will be enough to have a rectangle 30 × 40 cm.

The organization of the schoolchild's desktop should also be designed so that the child has a place both for work at the computer and for writing in the notebook.

Workflows must be organized

What does not apply to the current work is not worth itkeep on hand. If the table is packed with papers on past, present and future projects, then chaos sets in. To avoid this, group the documents into working folders. This requires a competent organization of the working space.

The worktop will be cleaner if you take into account the following advice: in order to simplify the workflow, it is better to store the papers in a special organizer, not on and not in the table.

Mud - fight

Confusion for most people is a negative phenomenon. It reduces productivity and concentration. More often ask yourself the question: is everything on my table in its place?

Remember that the working area is your assistant!

The organization of the desktop should promote productive work. It will be necessary to change just a few things to work it was more pleasant, and the inspiration visited more often.

organization of the desktop with your own hands

Color of walls

This criterion needs special attentionin the event that you just start planning the cabinet design, because it can negatively or positively affect your productivity. Many articles consider the influence of color on the ability to work.

For the workplace, any shades of dark are badchoice. Dark, if not black walls will make your working space narrower, and, most likely, will put pressure on you. And very bright colors will distract you from work and prevent you from concentrating.

The organization of the desktop and the place will be more productive if the walls of the cabinet in which you work will be warm in color, because it can help solve common problems in terms of creativity.

For office or office it is better to choose light shades, as they are associated with openness and ease.

Work chair and table

The choice of desktop and chair is extremelyan individual moment, which largely depends on your kind of activities. People who are going to work a lot at the computer, do not need as much work space as those who are going to embroider, draw, work with papers and stuff.

If you choose a table exclusively for yourself, thenyou should pay attention to the fact that it is optimally suited to all the things that you are going to do. In addition, remember that you need a place to store a variety of things. Cups, drawings, records of paper, books - all this requires a separate place.

diy desktop organization

What is the correct type of working chair? The one you will also select individually. Remember that the type of work chair significantly affects the productivity of work, the degree of concentration and much more. If you are going to work for a long time at the computer, then it should be convenient for you even in the case of long-term sitting without movements. But remember that a break at least once an hour is extremely necessary. It will be useful for your whole body. It is important that you have back support, and you should be comfortable and comfortable sitting on a chair straight.


Now let's talk about the most important from the point of viewthe correct organization of the workplace. Remember that the best coverage is natural. Try to place the table as close to the window as possible, so that it receives a maximum of sunlight. If this is not possible, then try to put large mirrors so that it illuminates the workplace. If you correctly position the mirrors, the space of your desk will visually appear larger.

organization of the student's work table

Get yourself a good lamp that will give a lot of light. If you save money in the world, sooner or later you will have to spend money on points.

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