Olive oil for hair

Olive oil for hair

At present, due to poor ecology and, inmost cases of malnutrition, many women are forced to pay special attention to the process of caring for their bodies. Suffers not only the skin, but also the hair. After all, they are not just designed to decorate the lady with a brilliant appearance, but also perform a protective function, retain moisture and so on. When the hair becomes brittle and dull, sekutsya, drop out - it's time to think about a universal means of caring for them.

Industry offers many options. But it is best to use olive oil for hair. Its healing properties were known even to ancient Romans and Greeks. This product is now quite affordable for an ordinary citizen of our country. So why in the struggle for health and beauty not to use olive oil for hair? Reviews among women it gets the most laudatory.

The widest range of vitamins that contains thisproduct, even skeptics will be amazed. Do not forget about proteins, antiseptics, amino acids, minerals. The work of the sebaceous glands is perfectly activated, thanks to such a valuable set of nutrients. Olive oil for hair is also suitable because it does not make them fat. It is perfectly washed off with the help of ordinary shampoo.

Initially, this product was applied to hair orrubbed into the roots to accelerate growth and improve blood circulation. Now there are a lot of different recipes that make olive oil for hair a real salvation.

If you want to become a happy ownerluxurious head of hair, then this article will come in handy. Just use olive oil. The mask for hair from it is prepared elementary, and here the effect will be simply amazing.

Recipe 1

Take five to ten tablespoons of the describedproduct (the exact amount depends on the length of your curls). Then add two raw eggs to it and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Apply it as evenly as possible to the hair. The mixture does not need to be washed off for twenty minutes. Rinse hair after the procedure is recommended a mixture of tea broth with lemon juice. Your curls will become smooth and shiny.

Recipe 2

The same amount of olive oil, as in the previous onerecipe, you need to mix with two tablespoons of honey. This mixture should be put on a water bath for about five minutes, and then warmly applied to the hair. You can wash it off in about twenty minutes. After several applications of this mask you will forget about the problem of split ends.

Recipe 3

Preheat one spoonful of butter and mix it withtwo spoons of alcohol, vodka or cognac. The resulting liquid should be applied to the curls: rub into the roots, and also along the entire length. Then wash off and apply shampoo.

Recipe 4

If you need to restore wilted hair, thenuse olive oil with henna. Take a tablespoon of henna (always colorless), a tablespoon of the described oil, egg yolk, a little cognac and a teaspoon of honey. Keep this mask for at least an hour, then remove using a shampoo. And to supply damaged locks, you should combine olive oil with jojoba oil 1: 1.

Olive oil for hair is truly wonderfulmeans. Here you just need to know some secrets of its use. Firstly, before adding oil to the mask, you need to warm it up a little. Secondly, it is best, using such means, to cover the head with a shower cap for the time of their impact. Thirdly, do not overdo with such masks. They need to be done no more than twice a week.

If you are tired of seeing dull curls in the mirror and feel all the time that your hair is brittle and hard, try using one of the above recipes. The result will definitely surprise you.

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  • Olive oil for hair Olive oil for hair Olive oil for hair Olive oil for hair Olive oil for hair