Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia

Office from "Mavicom" - anywhere in Russia

Not so many multi-brand stores of office furniture are presented in the vast runet. We advise you to pay attention to Before you, this has already been done by Russian Railways, the central office of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, ITAR TASS and many successful state and private companies. But this does not mean that the employees of Mavikom pay less attention to small orders. Here, with respect to each client.

Assortment policy

The company is a manufacturer of cabinet and upholstered furniture, as well as a trader, representing many domestic and foreign brands in all price groups. But the commercial offer of this organization is determined not by the list of trademarks and not by general product categories.

Branded picking rules

At the heart of the company's assortment policy is the principle of functional design. Highlighted 5 key office features.

Team Leadership

Cabinets for top and middle managers assume the presence of tables, work chairs,cabinet and upholstered furniture - performing both a functional and status role.

Head office

Cabinet sets are selected in the same style. Depending on the location of the manufacturer (Russia, Belarus, Italy, China), the period for their delivery to the customer ranges from one to 35 days. In case the Mavicom specialists design an exclusive office for you, then the total time of development, manufacturing and delivery is about a month.

The work of departments and specialists

In addition to all typical elements of workplaces and storage areas, the company offers a large selection of office partitions that allow mobile changes in the appearance and functionality of the "open space" type.

Office table

At the moment, customers have the opportunity to choose within the 29 detailed collections. Working chairs are presented in the range from democratic and well-proven models "New Style" - to super-ergonomic products of the premium segment from German and Italian manufacturers.

Negotiations with customers

In addition to special tables, chairs and chairs in the meeting rooms and rooms used frigobar, special cabinets and stands.

The meeting room

Despite the narrow specifics of the section, stylistically and functionally ready kits can be quite different from each other: these are modest areas of work with clients for real estate offices, impressive rooms for confidential meetings, dynamic modern sets for corporate brainstorming sessions and even conference rooms.

Visitors and waiting areas

The theater starts with a hanger, and the office starts with the reception area.

Reception desk

She is the face of the company, personifying hospitality, efficiency and attention to visitors. Reception racks are made on a modular basis. By choosing a specific design in a specific price group, you can assemble a set of any configuration for placing an arbitrary area and shape according to the principle of design. Inexpensive standard options in terms of functionality are almost the same as luxury, status objects, custom-made. A very important part of the waiting areas - good, comfortable chairs, armchairs and sofas.

Work recreation areas for staff

According to the style, these rooms are close to home living rooms and dining rooms.The basis of the range - upholstered furniture with upholstery of ergonomic eco-leather.

Additional product groups

Once faced with the need to design corporate bedroom rooms located in offices, Mavicom decided to master the adjacent sector - furniture for hotels.

Furniture for hotels

At the moment there are about 20 collections of various purposes in the commercial offer - from a complete set of hostels to the equipment of hotel rooms of a class "lux".
A separate assortment class consists of safes and office metal furniture - cabinets, wardrobes and storage systems.

Features of the service company

  • Design, production, trading, online commerce, delivery, installation - all this is combined under the roof of "Mavicom".
  • The functional and aesthetic design of office areas is free of charge, subject to an order for furniture.
  • Sophisticated warehouse policy and logistics services ensure the fulfillment of most orders in the Russian Federation within a period of not more than one week.
  • Furniture installation is carried out on-site at a convenient time for the customer, allowing him not to interrupt the work of the office for its re-equipment.
  • The payment system provides for all of its possible forms at the moment.

Almost fantasy - office optics partition:

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  • Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia Office from Mavikom - anywhere in Russia