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How to withdraw your personal data?
Almost daily, our personal data falls into the hands of someone, and at any time they can be used illegally. Passport, biometric and other information about a person can be dangerous if an attacker takes possession of them. How to withdraw information and stop their distribution by tellingRead more Em consumer protection lawyer Mikhail Yermakov.
The benefits of green plants for our body
How do eating habits affect our health? Why is it necessary to eat green plants? Is it possible to eat proteins along with carbohydrates? How to eat nuts and cereals? The expert Natalia Kobzar tells in detail about the principles of healthy and varied nutrition.
How to motivate a child to learn? Interesting lifehacks
It is time to go to school - for the first time, for some, for someone not - and parents may be faced with the child’s reluctance to start studying.What to do if a child refuses to learn and is harmful? We advise you to watch the video with interesting tips from mom, who is not very standard approach to solving the problem.
Dangerous for health! How to fake spices
When buying spices, be careful: unscrupulous sellers often profit from the naivety of buyers. And everything would be fine if such a fake would not cost consumers health: instead of spices, fraudsters sometimes sell brick powder and paint! For more information about the tricks of merchants, see this video.
How to donate blood and plasma? Recommendations to donors
Many people seek to become blood donors. If you are also interested in donation, watch the video, where a qualified doctor gives recommendations to volunteers. Is donation paid for? How often can you donate blood? Who can engage in donor activities? All answers are here.
The rules of life of the Japanese, who lived to 100 years
On average, Japanese live longer than any other country in the world - 82 years. And most long-livers live on the island of Okinawa. This fact interested the authors of this video,and therefore decided to explore the island’s territory, culture and customs, in order to draw up a set of rules of a real long-liver.
This knowledge will save a life! Signs of an impending stroke
A stroke overtakes not only smokers, hypertensives and food lovers, but also people from the category “seems to be generally healthy.” The good news: a stroke can be prevented if you see a doctor in time! Therefore, we encourage you to watch the video, where a specialist tells about the first signs of a stroke.
The hit of Korean cuisine is an eggplant salad: simple, tasty, inexpensive
The popularity of adapted Korean cuisine is gaining momentum, because unusual and savory dishes can be easily prepared at home from affordable products. We have found for you a video recipe of an interesting Korean dish just in time for the season - its main ingredient is many eggplants loved by many!
Why do cats love boxes so much?
Owners of cats probably at least once faced with a phenomenon called "cat and box." A pet may show indifference to the most beautiful cat house, but it will not pass by the cardboard box in 99% of cases.But what is the mystery of this phenomenon? The most plausible theories are in this video.
What happens to your body if you have 2 eggs every day
Chicken egg - a very common and affordable product, without which many of us can not imagine your diet. And most importantly - very useful! It is necessary to use only two eggs each day to achieve noticeable improvements in the body. What exactly - learn from this video.

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