Lace pancakes with cream

Lace pancakes with cream

Pancakes can be considered a universal dish.Of what they are only not prepared, and how many dishes are made on their basis - not immediately counted. Among the many recipes a special place is occupied by pancakes with cream, because they turn out to be extraordinarily tender and literally melt on the tongue.

To prepare 1 serving of pancake batter on cream you will need products such as:

  1. cream of any fat content - 0,5-1 liter;
  2. butter - ΒΌ kg;
  3. egg yolk - 6 pieces;
  4. flour of the highest grade - 500 g;
  5. sugar or powdered sugar - 120 g;
  6. a little vegetable oil to lubricate the frying pan.

The recipe for pancakes on cream is different in thatthe dough is started on cream, and not on milk, and only yolks are used. But there are recipes that include protein. Actually crepes on cream can also be made yeast, in the likeness of ordinary pancakes, which are cooked on an opaque. Here are a few options for preparing the dough.

Option 1

Mix the yolks with sugar and grindwhite-hot. Then combine with the melted butter, 1 glass of cream and flour, taken in an amount sufficient to mix a homogeneous dough without lumps. Carefully knead and, constantly stirring, introduce a thin trickle of cream until the test is the right density.

Option 2

We make pancakes on cream as described above,but before you enter the rest of the cream, it is recommended to beat them with a mixer in a thick foam. For this option, the higher the fat content of the cream, the better, because it will be easier and faster to whip up to the desired consistency.

Option 3

Pancakes on cream will turn out lacy ifWhip the rest of the cream with the proteins. The resulting mass is introduced into the thick part of the dough in small portions, each of which is gently and carefully kneaded. It is very important to mix the dough so that the air bubbles remain in it, so it is better to make the base more liquid than in the previous versions.

A little secret to simplify the task: dilute the dough not on 1 glass of cream, but on 2/3 of the total volume, but the amount of flour at the same time leave the same.

Option 4

Those who love thick pancakes, you can rememberRecipe the pancakes on soda and add it to the cooked dough. Soda can be used hydrated or not, while pancakes will get a different taste. Soda is introduced into a thick dough, after which it is left for 15-25 minutes and only then diluted to a liquid state.

Option 5

For the preparation of yeast pancakes, cookspoon of 100 ml of cream, 50 g of flour and 10 g of yeast. Let the yeast disperse in warmed cream, then add flour, knead and place in a warm place for an hour. Then connect the spoon with the base of the pancake dough prepared according to the method described above. Yeast pancakes are always thicker. If you put in the middle of the filling and fold the pancake in half, it will look like a cheburek. This trick can be used to decorate the table or when you want to serve a familiar dish with a special charm.

Pecking pancakes

Bake pancakes on cream, as usual - on a hot frying pan, lightly oiled with vegetable oil. Since the dough contains butter, it will only be necessary to lubricate the frying pan at the beginning.

Finished pancakes are removed, each is smeared with butter, and stacked one on one, or folded.

Little secret:if you like very delicate pancakes, then afterreadiness to put them all in a pile in the oven, heated to 50-80 degrees for 10-15 minutes. In the old days pancakes were placed near the open hearth of the stove. During this time, the oil will be absorbed. I assure you that such tender pancakes can not be obtained without additional heating.

Topping and stuffing

Serve hot pancakes with cream on the table, withsour cream, jam, confiture, condensed milk, melted chocolate or any other additive. The most delicious they are with sweet fruit or berry fillings.

Based on this test, you can make pancakes withby baking. To do this, you have to add apples or bananas grated on a large grater into the ready-made dough. To them, serve liquid honey, it is the best complement and emphasizes the taste of fruit.

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