Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina

"Kama-Euro-129": reviews of motorists about the products of "Nizhnekamskshina"

Choosing tires for your car, eachthe driver is looking for the most beneficial and reliable solution. As a rule, many prefer the more well-known brands of tires that are produced abroad. However, many are content with domestic products, such as Kama Euro 129 tires. Reviews about them are often found, and this indicates the popularity of the brand among motorists.

kama euro 129 reviews

From the history of the company

OJSC Nizhnekamskshina is the largesta tire manufacturing company in Russia and CIS countries. The assortment of products amazes with the variety, thus development of them is conducted exclusively by the Russian experts. The tires of this brand are suitable for such cars as Fiat, Chevrolet Niva, Volkswagen, Skoda. The company has been awarded numerous awards for the high quality and environmental friendliness of the products. Rubber "Kama Euro 129" is probably one of the most beloved by buyers.

Russian quality at a height

Many Russians are rather skeptical aboutproducts that are manufactured in their homeland. However, in practice it turns out that in terms of quality, it is not inferior to analogues from other countries. The same can be said about tires "Kama Euro 129": the reviews confirm that these tires are competitive. For example, many drivers say that on this summer tires, driving became easier and more convenient. Among the positive moments, drivers also note that the operation of the tires is convenient, and the hernia does not appear on the rubber, cuts, since the sides are rigid. Drivers also note impressive course stability at high speeds, as well as low noise. It is noteworthy that such indicators can not boast of all the western tires.

Myths about Russian tires

tires kama euro 129 reviews

Many believe that Russian productsinitially can not be of high quality, because there are no appropriate technologies or materials. In fact, everything is completely different. First, the same Kama Euro 129 R14 tires are created on the basis of the latest technologies and with the use of automated lines. Secondly, the whole process is the same as in the same Germany or Holland:

  1. First, computer simulation is performed when the manufacturer is determined with the tire tread pattern, its profile.
  2. The possible behavior of rubber in different traffic situations is first calculated in computer programs.
  3. The best options are selected, after which the tread pattern is cut on a special machine.
  4. After the creation of the tire "Kama Euro 129" (reviews oftenmention exactly the stable behavior on the road) are checked already in real road conditions, and the comparison is conducted with the best analogs of other brands.
  5. The selected sample is brought to the final stage, that is, the profile is corrected, the sidewall is drawn, and so on.

The company produces summer, winter and all-seasontires for cars and trucks. Production is carried out using modern equipment from well-known world companies, while the process is fully automated, and therefore the possible human factor is minimized. It is noteworthy that the tire "Kama Euro 129" and the rest of the models are manufactured under the control of the specialists of Pirelli, a well-known Italian company. High quality products are achieved due to the fact that the company is focused on the use of only quality raw materials. In addition, all products are maximally adapted to the needs of the Russian user, taking into account the climatic and road characteristics.

Technical characteristics of tires

rubber kama euro 129

About the tires "Kama Euro 129" reviews the most different, but still most drivers agree that many of their indicators, they outperform foreign models of tires:

  1. They have good braking performanceon any road surface, which is facilitated by an asymmetric tread pattern. The outer side allows you to create a reliable grip with a dry road, and the inside - with a wet.
  2. Tires produced by the company "Kama" showa high level of resistance to the effect of aquaplaning. This is achieved due to the presence of asymmetrically located longitudinal grooves on the tread. Other grooves, which are located at an angle, contribute to the efficient drainage of water from the contact spot.
  3. Tires "Kama Euro 129", reviews of which many leave positive, are characterized by improved course stability when driving on any trajectory.
  4. Due to the fact that the mass of summer tires has become smaller, the manufacturer has achieved greater fuel economy.
  5. The presence of a patented tire wear indicator allows you to determine in a timely manner what the residual depth of the tread pattern is.

What do modern tires come from?

Modern manufacturers use aboutthe same materials for making tires. The share of natural rubber, as a rule, is no more than 20% in both domestic and imported tires. Most models of summer tires are made of polyester or nylon, and only high-speed tires are created from viscose. In Russia, by the way, such models have not been manufactured for a long time.

kama euro 129 r14

A variety of additives in the form of oils and resins are neededso that the rubber is softer. Zinc oxide in combination with other vulcanization accelerators allows to reduce the rolling coefficient and improve the fuel efficiency. Thus, to say that the rubber "Kama Euro 129", reviews about which are mostly positive, does not meet the quality requirements, it is impossible. In addition, if we take the percentage, in Russia, mainly domestic tires are sold.

Models of "Kama"for cars

The company "Nizhnekamskshina" offers a wideThe choice of tire models, each of which has its own technical features. So, the model Breeze NK-132 has a road directional tread pattern, which in combination with four grooves allows you to remove water from the contact patch and helps reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Due to the continuous central rib, the course stability becomes better. The company's use of new technologies in production made it possible to give improved traction and traction to tires and a good run-out.

The buyers are in demand not only tires"Kama Euro 129". The reviews often mention Euro-131 tires, which have improved protection against aquaplaning. The adhesion to the road tires show excellent, and such indicators are achieved due to the large number of diagonal grooves on the surface. The figure is ribbed, and therefore excellent braking performance and a clear reaction to the steering wheel are guaranteed.

Tires for commercial vehicles

tires kama euro 129 price

The company produces not only passenger tires "Kama129 Euros. Photo allows you to evaluate a wide range of products for cars of different brands and purposes. For example, for commercial vehicles, "Kama" offers the model EURO LCV-131, developed in conjunction with the FIAT concern. Thanks to the optimized tread pattern, the machines show good handling and braking, and these indicators do not depend on weather conditions. The composition of the tread is such that the grip characteristics on the road (dry or wet) are improved, while tires wear much less. The design of the picture is well-thought-out, which helps to reduce the noise level. It is important that the protector has grooves, located in different ways, and this allows you to remove water in time and improve the comfort of controlling the machine.

For SUVs

Radial tire "Kama-106" is specially designedfor cars models Suzuki Vitara and Mitsubishi Outlander. Kama-221 tires are popular with buyers, which are designed for use on cars of models Nissan Terrano, Jeep Cherokee, Ford Explorer, Range Rover. The all-season tread pattern combined with the combined carcass structure serves as a guarantee that the cars will behave stably and confidently on the road.

tire kama euro 129

As well as Kama Euro NK 129 tires, reviewspositive received and tires of the model "Kama-214". They are designed for cars Suzuki Vitara, Nissan X-Trail, Mitsubishi Outlander and differ all-season design of the projector. Thanks to this, good speed indicators and improved control are achieved.

How to choose?

In view of the fact that manufacturers offer a hugechoosing tires for the summer, you should know about some of the features of their choice. First, an important role is played by the tread pattern, which ensures the adhesion of tires to the road. For example, "Kama Euro NC 129" (reviews about it are always good) has an asymmetrical pattern, which is supplemented with grooves. This provides not only good grip on the road surface, but also improved machine control.

Secondly, the tire size should be taken into account. Pick it up you need in accordance with the technical characteristics that are in every car. Ideally for the summer you need to choose wide tires that will ensure the safety of the car, and also will allow to calculate the speed correctly.

Third, the ability of rubber to balance plays an important role. If the tire is unbalanced, it will wear out more quickly, and this will lead to undesirable additional waste.

New or second-hand?

Choosing tires for the car, many come fromof their financial capabilities. The most economical and at the same time high-quality and reliable domestic producers are Kama Euro 129 tires. The price for them starts at 1475 rubles, and the maximum cost can reach 3900 rubles. In an effort to save some drivers prefer to buy second-hand tires, but there are a few nuances:

  1. Their service life will be much less than new products.
  2. The degree of their wear can not always be determined accurately.

Thus, it is better not to buy a cat in a poke, but to give preference to new tire models, especially since they can be purchased at a very affordable price.

Kama Euro 129: Pros and Cons

So, let's sum up. Most of the buyers who preferred this brand and model of tires, notes their following advantages:

- high quality;

- good roadability;

- affordable price;

- wear resistance;

- good grip with any road - dry and wet.

kama euro nk 129 reviews

But not without negative reviews. Most often, drivers note excessive noise of rubber, as well as tires are not always stable and confidently behave on the road with irregularities. However, these qualities for the majority of motorists are not so significant, because all the same domestic tires are adapted to Russian operating conditions. That is why there are much more suitable for our roads than similar models of tires of foreign production.

The company "Nizhnekamskshina" has established itselfAs a reliable supplier of quality products, which is very appreciated by drivers. And high quality is achieved due to the fact that the factory employs real professionals controlling the process of assembling molds, carefully conducting tire testing. As a consequence, buyers can evaluate the summer tires "Kama", which show excellent coupling and performance characteristics.

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  • Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina Kama-Euro-129: reviews of motorists about the products of Nizhnekamskshina