Hypoallergenic products

Hypoallergenic products

Unfortunately, the food allergyNot unusual. An allergic reaction is nothing more than the result of an increased sensitivity of the human body to certain substances contained in food. Therefore, some people are recommended to eat hypoallergenic foods.

Hypoallergenic products: for what purpose should they be consumed?

In fact, a diet of these products helpsachieve several goals. First, adhering to e, you can quickly stop the allergic reaction. Secondly, the exclusion from food of allergenic products with their subsequent gradual introduction of them back into the diet makes it possible to find out the cause of the allergy.

In addition, it is hypoallergenic productsit is recommended to use breastfeeding mothers - this helps prevent the development of an allergic reaction in a newborn. These rules should be kept especially carefully if the baby is also on partially artificial feeding, since then the sensitivity of the organism to certain foods is significantly increased.

Food and their classification

Food is divided into foods with high,moderate and low allergic activity. Theoretically, an allergy in a person can occur on any of them, but most often develops when taking highly allergenic products.

The most allergenic products are cow's milk,cheeses, chicken eggs, smoked products, canned products, spices, sauces, spices, seafood, caviar. In addition, very often the allergic reaction develops as a result of the intake of vegetables and fruits predominantly red or orange. These include tomatoes, carrots, beets, aubergines, parsley, red pepper, as well as raspberries, cherries, cherries, strawberries, citrus fruits, blackberries, blackberries, pineapples, grapes, plums, persimmons. Most of the dried fruits, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, chocolate, sweets, honey, nuts, coffee and cocoa can also be included here. And even people with allergies can not eat those foods that contain dyes, emulsifiers, preservatives and other nutritional supplements.

The products of medium activity are corn, cereals, pork meat, lamb, rabbit meat, bananas, peaches and apricots, potatoes, beans and peas, herbal decoctions, watermelons.

To the group "hypoallergenic products" you cancarry almost all dairy products, including fermented milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, yoghurt, as well as chicken and beef meat (exclusively in boiled form), liver. The same group includes cereals (semolina, oatmeal, rice), olive, cream and vegetable oil, dried apples and pears, compotes from these dried fruits, still mineral water. Of fruits - it's green apples, gooseberries, pears, white cherries, white currants.

This diet is great for those people,who suffer from severe attacks of food allergies, and hypoallergenic products for children are the same as for adults, which greatly facilitates the preparation of food.

Hypoallergenic diet: rules

To begin with, a sick person needs to fullyto refuse from products with high and average allergenic activity, and to use only hypoallergenic products. The duration of such a diet for an adult is approximately 3 weeks, and for a child - not more than 10 days. If after this there are noticeable improvements, then it is necessary to start the gradual introduction of other products into the diet. New food should not be introduced more than once every three days. If no changes have occurred, then this product is safe for health. If, after the introduction of the new dish, an allergic reaction has started again, then it must be completely excluded from the diet.

In addition, it is necessary to treatto buying products, carefully reading the information on the packages. It must be remembered that preservatives, dyes, flavors in food should not be present. The same applies to salt, spices and various spices.

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