How to write a resume manager

How to write a resume manager?

There is an opinion that the resume must beindicate all their stages of career growth, even if they are not suitable for a particular job. They say, let the employer know that I am capable of many things. In fact - this is one of the most common mistakes in the resume of the sales manager. The future leadership is only important merit, and more - information on exactly how your experience will help them to make money.

We compose the resume correctly

In general, the correct resume of the manager should contain information on the following items:

  1. Personal information about the candidate: his name, address, phone numbers and e-mail.
  2. The title of the post to which the resume is submitted. For example, a human resources manager, a sales manager, and so on.
  3. Briefly describe your basic skills: language proficiency, PC usage level and so on
  4. Experience from the very first placeemployment (name of organization, period of work, position, duties). If the list is long, write only the last 3-5 places. As a rule, they are of interest to the employer.
  5. Education: the period of study, the name of the institution, specialty
  6. Additional information (possible courses that passed the candidate, the availability of a driver's license).

Despite the general recommendations, there are several separate nuances how to write a resume of the manager so that the employer accurately assigns an interview.

Nuances when working on a resume

Pay attention to the style of writing a resume. It should be:

  1. As little as possible, "I" in the text. This applies to all resumes, not just for the vacancy manager.
  2. Specify in the summary, what specific benefits you brought to the former employer. For example:
    • Trained three managers-beginners
    • Increased sales in its department by 15% and earned for the firm 30 thousand dollars
    • Increased customer base by 50 people
  3. In the summary, present the information, avoidingnegative context. For example, instead of "settling conflicts and disputes" it is better to write "assisted clients", instead of "moved from office" to "advanced on the career ladder"
  4. Brief: no cumbersome proposals. It is better to split the phrase into several parts.
  5. Specific: do not fool. Write the exact names of the companies in which they worked as a manager, or in the sphere of trade. Point out your own merits.
  6. Honest: you are a sales manager. The resume will be necessary for you only at employment, and the information described in it - in work. As soon as the leadership understands that your character is embellished, either will strip bonuses, or fire. If you do not have any trade experience, write in your resume, but with a mandatory indication of your personal qualities that will help you become a manager.

Forbidden information for the employer

  • The reasons for which you left with the former work.
  • Desired salary: the work of the manager is usually a salary plus interest. A good specialist will be interested in opportunities to earn, not a fixed amount.

Examples of ready-made resumes for the work of the manager can be found here or here.

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