How to tie boots

How to tie boots?

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How to tie boots?

Very relevant and fashionable are delicate,knitted products. Recently, you rarely meet a girl whose wardrobe would not have a pair of openwork shoes, bought or tied by herself. A variety of boots, home or designed for socks on the street, you can tie yourself, both crocheted and on spokes.

How to tie boots for summer

Own-bound boots are suitable forwarm and dry season. Of course, such shoes can be bought in a store or on the market, but the chosen model will not be exclusive, as it is mass produced.

Just before knitting bootsneedles or needles, you need to decide for what purposes they will be needed: to go out on the street or as a home shoe replacing warm socks or sneakers. In the first case, it will not be possible to do without threads and knitting needles, since for the street shoes a sole will also be needed. The insole is best suited for old and already unnecessary ballet shoes or shoes; can be taken with or without heels.

Necessary materials

To link boots, you will need the following supplies:

  • Yarn - silk, linen or cotton threads are best suited, since a synthetics product will soar your leg;
  • Needles or hook of the corresponding number (their thickness is selected depending on the thickness of the selected thread);
  • As mentioned above, you will need a sole from the old unnecessary shoes. But if there is not one, suitable soles can be purchased at the nearest shoe shop;
  • Also not excess at hand are scissors, glue, a small hank of thin fishing line, awl.

Knitting Pattern

Before proceeding to the immediatemaking boots, you will need to try to tie a small piece of the pattern. This is done in order to know the density of the mating and the width of the future product. You can learn how to knit or crochet correctly by reading the articles in our Knitting section.

It should be remembered that the lower and upper parts of such ashoe is knitted separately, and then stitched (binds) to each other. This is where the line is used, which is strengthened by the connection between the sole and the knitted part, as well as the glue used for the same purposes.

How to tie your home boots:

  1. It is necessary to take the sole from shoes or ballet shoes (which it is not a shame to cut) or a felt felt of the necessary size;
  2. the sole should be sewn along the edge with a tambour seam;boots
  3. then, on the basis of this seam, type the loops and knit the stitches, without using the napids (we are talking about crocheting, but you can also use circular knitting needles);
  4. preliminarily for these boots to bind the "top" - it can be knitted just like the usual socks are knitted - on 4 or 5 spokes;
  5. then the associated upper part should be attached to the felt sole.

Those who value comfort, warmth and comfort will be able todecorate your home boots with the help of pompoms, various "visyulek", a button or, tying them with patterns (pigtails, azhur, etc.). Such socks-boots will replace your home slippers and will warm your feet. In addition, you can independently choose the height of such shoes, making them very short, or knitting to their knees. Also, the warmth of boots is selected, depending on the density of knitting and the chosen yarn (natural wool with acrylic is best suited).

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