How to save fish

How to save fish?

It is known that the fish is tender and fastimpaired product. Therefore it is important to know how to save fish. Conservation begins from the moment of killing the fish and until it goes to food. This topic is especially relevant in the summer, because on hot days the fish spoil much faster than in the cool. Knowing how to keep fish fresh, is useful not only for anglers, but also for those who often use it for food.

Tips for saving fish

If you yourself have caught a fish, then from the moment it was on land, you have to think about its preservation.

It is necessary to quickly kill the caught fish. The main thing in this business is to lower blood well, because the fish secrete lactic acid into the blood, which significantly spoils the quality of taste and storage. Quickly lower the blood will help a sharp knife, which should make an oblique cut from the gills to the abdominal cavity.

The second stage should be carefully guttedfish. To do this, an incision is made from the bottom of the abdomen, then with a knife or hand one must extract the insides and wash the body very well - this will eliminate the spread of bacteria that contribute to decomposition.

In order for the fish to remain fresh for longer,The abdominal cavity can be rubbed with wine vinegar. After that, the fish is stored in a dry and dark place. If the cutting was carried out according to the rules, the fish will remain fresh for a day or two. You can store it in a container filled with fresh grass, or wrapped in a newspaper or rag.

Naturally, how to keep fish in the summer, and in the winter the refrigerator will help you. In a freezer, fish can be stored for a very long time.

A separate topic - how to keep fish on fishing,because fishermen are extremely important to bring home a fresh product. In summer, a garden is used most often. This is a special cage made of rope fabric that sinks into the water. Swimming in the cage, the fish remains alive for a long time, because it is almost in natural conditions. In the winter, the gutted fish is stored in ice or in snow.

Cooking as a way to save fish

  • Smoking can be cold and hot. For hot smoking, a special portable smokehouse is needed, with a cold dig a pit in which a bonfire is bred, and a fish is hung above it. With this type of storage, fish can last up to several days and, in fact, is completely ready for consumption.
  • Salting fish. Sometimes a brine is used to keep the fish fresh longer. To do this, pour boiled water in the container, you can use even a plastic container. Then water should be added at the rate of 3 kg. salt per 10 liters of water. After cooling water, the fish descends into the water. It is stored in this condition for up to a week.
  • Also, the fish is stored in dried and dried form. To do this, the fish need to be cut, you can salt, but you can not wash. After that, it is brought to a dried state in a hot and dry place. Such a fish can be kept extremely long - from several months to a year.

Before deciding how to save fish, you need to take into account many factors - the mass of fish, how many days you need to store, the storage capacity.

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