How to salt red caviar

How to salt red caviar

Culinary tastes in people are different. Someone more likes meat, some vegetarian food, and someone prefers fish. Especially caviar. And we learn about how to salt red caviar from this article.

On any holiday, along with otherdelicacies, red caviar is always at an honorable place. Not only does it decorate the table, it is also very tasty and useful. Many years ago, when caviar was considered a deficit and something unrealizable, she wanted more than ever. Now everything is simple. I wanted to pamper myself and my family with caviar, please go to the store and buy, at least 50 grams, at least a kilogram. You can buy fresh caviar and salt it at home. There are many ways and recommendations how to salt red caviar.

First of all you have to buy fish. And this process, like the ambassador, is not so simple. Not everyone knows that when choosing a fish, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it has not been subjected to defrosting before. Therefore, to buy fish, for example, pink salmon, is better in a specialized store. In the market, there may be a choice and more, but the store is more reliable. Better take a whole carcass. Purify, cut off the head, fins and tail, will be at home.

Everything was bought and cleaned. Now we'll figure out how to pick up the red caviar of pink salmon so that it is delicious. While the fish is unfrozen, if you bought it frozen, prepare dishes and all the necessary attributes of salting: a knife for cutting, something heavy for pressing fish and a special saline mixture.

That there was no taste of metal, it is desirableuse plastic or enamelware. Yes, when thawing the carcass, do not do it in the microwave. The whole process must pass naturally.

After the fish is ready for furtherwe extract caviar. I repeat, not everyone knows how to salt red caviar correctly. We spread it in pre-cooked dishes and clean it from the film. This operation can be carried out after salting, besides, the film after salting is removed better. After that, place the caviar in salted water. If the eggs are small, then one tablespoon of salt for 250 milliliters of warm water is enough. Allow it to stand for about 10 minutes. Before placing it in salted water, caviar should be disinfected - pour boiling water.

Consider how to salt red caviar in the way"The ambassador is wet." For brine, we need salt, sugar and boiling water. Watching how many eggs you are about to salt, so much is taken of the ingredients. For 400 ml of water you need 20 grams of sugar and 80 grams of salt. After the brine has cooled, pour it into a container with cleaned caviar, and set it in the cold for 2-4 hours. Once the caviar has settled its time, drain the water through a colander. Use a glass jar for storage. Caviar of wet salting is ready for use.

Now let's look at how to salt red caviar with the "dry soup" method. With this salt, red caviar can be stored in the cold for about 14 days.

The purified eggs for 20 seconds are kept inboiling salted water. For its grinding, you can use both a large sieve and a badminton racket. Many people do that. This is necessary to separate the shell from the eggs. Pour the caviar into the cooked dishes and add salt. Salt should be used large, as it takes moisture well. A couple of spoons for one kilogram of caviar will be enough. We mix the eggs with hands. Metallic spoons and other use is not necessary. The whole caviar will remember. To add extra flavor, you can add vegetable oil. How much is it to your taste. We spread the finished product on glass jars and close with plastic covers.

Now, basically knowing how to salt red caviar,you can give free rein to your imagination. Now you have only read a small part of how to simply salt red caviar. The main thing is to choose the right fish, to clean it, very carefully to separate the caviar, to treat and salinize.

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