How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms?

Classification of signs of pregnancy

All existing signs of an “interesting position” can be divided into three large groups:

  • doubtful
  • probable
  • reliable.

Each of them has a specific diagnostic value, according to which we arranged them in that order.

Doubtful are the first signs of pregnancy before the delay, which can only indicate the possibility of the presence of a fertilized egg.

Probable are those signs that can be determined by a doctor after an examination and interview.

But a 100% guarantee for pregnancy can only be given to you by reliable signs, which can be determined already at later stages of pregnancy. This movement of the fetus, and a clear heartbeat, and probing the parts of his body. All this confirms the existence of a new life within you.

But since not all future mothers can wait for so long, before the appearance of reliable (confirmed) information about pregnancy, you can use the prompts, which are the first signs of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation.Even just the changes in your body that appear are a potential version of pregnancy.

Pregnancy and hormones

The woman’s body has a mechanism that allows her to prepare for motherhood. It starts with a special hormone - progesterone. It is after his appearance in the body that processes occur that are externally defined as dubious signs of pregnancy.

But hormonal disorders can occur as a result of other processes occurring inside the body. Therefore, the final diagnosis is still better to entrust the doctor.

The girl is sickWhat changes does progesterone cause in the body? First of all, it is the organization of good conditions so that the fruit can develop normally. It is imperative to establish the work of the circulatory system, which will deliver food and oxygen to the embryo. For this, there is an impact not only on the uterus itself, but also on other organs.

Such a restructuring of the woman’s body does not go unnoticed. Therefore, heartburn, headaches, weakness, fever and other signs of pregnancy can occur even before irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

After a short period of time in the body begins the active production of another hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin. He supplements with his influence the influence of progesterone, and together they actively begin to work for the good of the unborn child.

The list of first signs of pregnancy is quite large. It includes a small discharge, and chest pain, and morning sickness, and other options. It is possible that individually they will not cause you any suspicion. But if you began to notice several such signs behind you, then be on the alert. Perhaps now you are the bearer of a new life. This means that you should protect yourself and your body's organs from excessive loads and various dangers. After all, you do not need complications during pregnancy, right?

Doubtful signs of pregnancy

So, you have a suspicion about pregnancy. You have noticed some changes in the body. In the future, you, of course, consult a doctor who confirms the fact of pregnancy and determines the location of the egg (it is in the uterus or outside, because the establishment of ectopic pregnancy is defined as pathology).

But all this will be after, but for now listen to your feelings and watch your state of health.Have you noticed the following signs?

Nausea and vomiting

Perhaps this is the most common sign of pregnancy. It is about her that a woman thinks when she has to suddenly jump out of bed in the morning to reach the toilet. The cause of this phenomenon is the effect of the same progesterone on the woman's body. There is too much impact on the emetic center in the brain, which provokes a similar reaction.

A woman feels signs of early toxicosis.Normally, the presence of vomiting is considered up to 2 times per day. If you have this happens more often, then this is a reason to seek help from a doctor. You may have started an early toxicosis, which means you should undergo a special course of treatment. After it you will feel much better.

Often, such urges arise from harsh or just very strong odors. Especially if at this time your digestive tract has some pathologies: erosion, heartburn (increased acidity of the stomach), colitis, and others. All these organs are associated with the emetic center and in the early stages of pregnancy have a strong influence on it.

However, another option is possible - the presence of a serious gastrointestinal illness or an intestinal infection.They can also cause a similar reaction, and they also have heartburn. Therefore, the presence of nausea, vomiting, and frequent heartburn should immediately make you seek medical attention. Perhaps the situation is more serious than you think.

Changes in the sense of smell and taste preferences

Many women have noticed the appearance of sensitivity to odors. Moreover, this may apply to some specific odors or to the sense of smell in general. In principle, pregnant women are too susceptible to everything, and therefore after changes in the body caused by hormones, they no longer use perfumes, cosmetics, or visit places where there are strong odors. By the way, a strong sensitivity can also appear on the skin when there is an allergy to the cream, which has been used for many years before.

There are a lot of jokes about the taste preferences of pregnant women. They all boil down to the fact that in such a state a woman may experience an irresistible craving for products that she could not bear before. Or there is a perverted taste or ability to combine incongruous (for example, herring and honey).

Most often manifested tendency to sour and salty foods, which can easily lead to such a phenomenon as heartburn. However, there is also a strong craving for sweets. However, if you have or have problems with the digestive organs (for example, heartburn), then you should carefully watch what you send to your mouth.

Pressure reduction

Pressure measurementAppearing in the body of a woman, progesterone has an antispasmodic effect, which is felt by both organs and blood vessels in the body. That is why in the early stages of pregnancy often there is low blood pressure. This is done in order to provide normal conditions for the development and preservation of the fetus. After all, it is necessary that the vessels, especially of the placental system, do not react to any effects of contraction. But it happens that this function does not work for a pregnant woman. And this can lead to some complications. If you feel normal, then do not worry. But after the first discomforts, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


Girl yawningQuite often in the early stages of pregnancy, many women notice their inherent lethargy, sluggishness and forgetfulness.Temperatures may also rise. If everything is within the normal range, then do not worry. After all, during pregnancy, the immune system weakens a little, which should help the woman's body to take the second, "male" half of the fetus and not reject it. A relaxed state provides the flow of all the same progesterone.

But that you will not always. As soon as the production of estrogen begins, your mental state will return to normal, and your consciousness will "lighten up."

Frequent urination

In the first days of pregnancy, there is a sign such as frequent urination. This is due to the fact that the restructuring of the body affects the urinary organs. Now they work in enhanced mode, which leads to frequent visits to the toilet. In this case, any pain when urinating should not be.

However, if thirst is added to this trait (especially after sweets), this may indicate the onset of diabetes. In this case, you definitely need to be examined to identify the disease at an early stage and prescribe compulsory treatment (to avoid complications during pregnancy).

Breast sensitivity

Already in the first weeks after conception, breast sensitivity may appear. It swells and reacts sensitively to even the slightest touch. Perhaps the appearance of pain such a level that it is impossible to touch the chest. True, it happens the other way around. A woman is surprised that she does not feel discomfort in her chest before menstruation, and after that she learns about her pregnancy. It is also possible darkening of the skin around the nipples, which is also often found in pregnant women.


Doctors note that thicker vaginal discharge is characteristic of pregnant women. Usually they are white. Their appearance provokes the presence of hormones.

Panty liner in handsBut if you have bleeding, it can be a sign of pathology or the threat of pregnancy. With such symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor to diagnose possible disorders, among which the phenomenon of ectopic pregnancy is often found.

In this case, in order to stop the discharge, prescribe special drugs. They have hemostatic and antispasmodic properties.

If you find small bleeding, it will not necessarily be a sign of pathology. This is possible in the normal course of pregnancy.You should be concerned about systematic or abundant secretions.

Other signs

In addition to the above signs of pregnancy at an early stage, there may be other symptoms:

  1. Increased saliva secretion. This can cause some weight loss and problems with the digestive tract (heartburn, stomach discomfort).
  2. Change in basal temperature. During pregnancy, the release of hormones leads to the fact that the temperature drops. And then it can rise. If you watch how your basal temperature changes, you will notice similar fluctuations.
  3. The appearance of thrush. Hormones affect the vaginal mucosa, creating favorable conditions for the development of fungi that cause thrush.
  4. Feeling that heat, then cold, redness of the face.
  5. The presence of severe headaches, which appear suddenly due to a sharp increase in the concentration of hormones in the body.
  6. Severity and increased blood supply to the uterus. After pregnancy, changes in the pelvic region can be felt significantly.
  7. The appearance of hemorrhoids, abdominal distention and intestinal stagnation. Just like heartburn, these feelings can cause you discomfort.
  8. Back pain, the so-called "lumbago", may also indicate pregnancy.

If you are seeing one or more of the symptoms described above, then you can assume the presence of pregnancy. But in order to be sure that this is the case, it is necessary to visit a doctor who will confirm its presence and that it is not ectopic.

Danger and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

If the fertilized egg is attached not in the uterus, but in another place (abdominal cavity, fallopian tubes), then this pregnancy is called ectopic. In this case, the woman will not be able to bear and give birth to a child.

The danger of ectopic pregnancy is that its consequences are unpredictable (up to the death of a pregnant woman).

However, to cope with this situation is possible, if you identify it at an early stage. And usually the symptoms manifested in pregnant women, allow them to consult a doctor in time. Here they prescribe a surgical or drug treatment of an ectopic pregnancy, which helps to cope with the situation.

The girl bent from pain in the lower abdomenThe first and main sign of ectopic pregnancy is pain in the lower abdomen, which appears at an early stage of pregnancy.It can be sick both from the side of one of the tubes, and in the middle of the abdomen. In ectopic pregnancy, they are strengthened during walking or with changes in body position.

Also, doctors can be alerted by heavy bleeding from the vagina. With ectopic pregnancy, they can be so strong that they can lead to a threat to life for a woman.

The peculiarity of ectopic pregnancy is also in the fact that in its presence a smaller amount of hormones is secreted than in a normal pregnancy. Therefore, if on the test you saw a weak second strip, this may indicate ectopic pregnancy.

In any case, the final diagnosis can only be made by a doctor. Therefore, worry and worry ahead of time is not worth it. After all, you will soon become a mother - the happiest woman in the world!

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  • How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms

    How to recognize pregnancy in the earliest terms