How to read transcription

How to read transcription?

When studying a foreign language, it is very important not toonly correctly use words in the right form and in the established order in the sentence, but also remember how these words are pronounced. If in our native language we often understand intuitively how a certain unfamiliar word should be pronounced, then in English, when faced with a new word, it is better to check the correctness of its pronunciation in the dictionary.

The way a word should be read is recorded intranscription - a graphic recording of the phonetic sound of the word. In this article, we will describe the main transcriptional notations and teach you how to read transcription.

Before reading the transcription, first of all you need to learn the graphic designations of all existing sounds in the English language.

Vowel sounds

Them in English can be conditionally divided into two groups: monophthongs and diphthongs:

  • Monophthongs can be as short as possible. pronounced abruptly and quickly, such as the sound [ɪ] in the word mister or [Λ] in the word cut, and long - [u:] in the word you or [ɪ:] in the word tree. In transcription, longitude is denoted by a colon.
  • In diphthongs, when spoken, there is a smooth transition from one sound to another, so, for example, as in "okay" we first say the diphthong [əu], and at the end - diphthong [ei].
  • The striking syllable in transcription is denoted by a vertical dash [] in front of the stressed vowel.

Consonant Sounds

  • With consonant sounds to understand, as a rule,it is easier. Among the consonant sounds, it is necessary to note separately the sounds [θ] as in the word thanks, [ð] as in the word without, [w] as in the word wait and long sound [ŋ] as in the word song - these consonant sounds have no analogues in Russian .
  • Also, separate the neutral sound [ə], which replaces most unstressed vowels, for example in such words as better, letter, attend, etc.
  • Be careful not to be confusedthe pronunciation of the letters of the English alphabet and sounds in the transcription of English words. So, the letter M / m will be pronounced as [em], while the sound [m] will be pronounced as [m].

Recently, it has become popular to give two variants of transcription of the same word in the dictionary: first the classic, British pronunciation is indicated, and then the American one.

In addition, some words can have twois equivalent to the correct pronunciation. So, for example, the word decade in the famous Collins dictionary has two variants of the pronunciation: [dɛkeɪd] and [dɪkeɪd].

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