How to make a skull of paper: we masters ourselves

How to make a skull of paper: we masters ourselves

Paper is an excellent material for creativity. Today with his help create real works of art. We'll start small - we make a paper skull. Such a thing can be useful for decorating an interior, for a masquerade, for a Halloween party and as a props for a performance or a photo session. The article will tell you how to make a skull of paper in several ways. Which will be like - choose yourself. The paper is good because even children can cope with it.

Volumetric skull mask of paper

Necessary materials:

  • Skull pattern.
  • Heavy paper (cardboard).
  • A simple pencil.
  • Eraser.
  • Scissors or clerical knife.
  • Glue.
  • A piece of foam rubber.
  • Paints.
  • Black felt-tip pen or marker.

how to make a skull from paper

How to make a bulk skull mask by template

Before you make a skull out of paper, you needprepare the template. You can make it in several ways: draw it yourself, draw a picture, find an image on the Internet. It is better to take a skull that has a jaw. Next, we transfer the image you like on the sheet twice. That is, you need two identical blanks. Do not forget to adjust the picture to the size of your face! The denser the paper, the larger the mask will be. As a material, you can take even a box of shoes. Cut out the drawings along the contours and glue together. Now make holes for the nose and pupils of the eyes.

Now proceed to the second part. We will learn how to make a skull (the upper workpiece) from paper. For this template on the leaf, you need to transfer the same pattern, but only without the lower jaw. We cut holes for the nose and orbitals. If the selected drawing had cracks on the skull and other additional elements, now it's time to make them.

Note! Before that, holes were made only for pupils, now we cut out our eyes completely. It is important. So the mask will look more voluminous.

Cut out the upper workpiece on the contour and glue it togetherwith the first detail. While the substrate dries up, let's move on to additional elements. Draw on paper and cut out the upper jaw and nose. Details are glued to the skull. In the end, you should get a "sandwich". How to make a skull mask out of paper, you know, it's time to give it a color.

Now use a piece of foam rubber to mask the mask. We are waiting for the drying. We circle each element along the contour with a black marker or a felt-tip pen.

how to make a skull of paper

How and from what to make fastening for a mask

If you plan to apply a mask to your face,then you can stick a stick or a long and narrow rectangle of cardboard. If you want to use the skull without using your hands, it's better to use another method.

You will need two pieces of ribbon or rubber band. They are glued to the mask. For better fixation from cardboard or paper, cut out two small pieces. Lubricate them with glue and apply to the ends of rubber bands or ribbons. We place the mask under the press for several hours.

Master a paper mask in the form of a skull for a child

The easiest way to make a skull from paper is to print out a photo from an article on a color printer, cut it and glue it along the allowances, as shown in the pictures. And you can do it differently.

From white paper, we cut out the oval according to the size of the face. This will be the basis of the skull. On black paper, draw two large oval eyes and a triangle-nose. Do not forget to observe the proportions. We glue the parts to the skull. Make holes for the child's eyes. Now you can make a mask mount in the ways described above.

how to make a skull mask out of paper

How to make skull-props from paper: we select materials

Before you start, it would be nice to haveA representation of how the skull actually looks. This is to ensure that the future props look realistic. Just consider as many images with real skulls as possible. And now we take:

  • Balloon.
  • Vegetable oil or petroleum jelly.
  • Marker.
  • Painting Scotch.
  • Paper or newspapers torn into small pieces. Cutting is not recommended. It is necessary to tear that the pieces of paper are better interlocked with each other, and the transition was more imperceptible.
  • A paste or glue PVA, diluted with water in equal proportions.
  • Stationery knife or scissors.
  • Shpaklevku.
  • Sandpaper.

how to make a skull with your own hands

How to make a paper skull in the papier-mache technique

We inflate the balloon to the desired size. Lubricate it with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. Why do this? To the end, the skull can be easily separated from the ball. Paint the adhesive tape with a sticky tape so that it does not interfere with the work.

Marker outlines the eyes, nose and teeth. We will not seal these places, they should remain untouched.

We paste the paper on the ball. After two or three layers let dry. The more paper there is, the harder the skull will be.

When the base is ready, you can start modelingseparate parts. Marker draw places that should turn out to be three-dimensional. For example, the forehead, the back of the head, the eye socket, cheekbones, jaw. Only on these areas we paste pieces of paper. After gluing 2-3 layers, let the skull dry out. We do this until we reach the desired result.

We remove the dried skull from the ball, gradually blowing it off. Crop the excess paper that climbed out of the contour.

We put on the skull putty. While it is still wet, we form bumps, cracks, focusing on realistic images of skulls. When the putty dries, the product needs to be sanded with sandpaper. As a result, the skull should be smooth. If necessary, color the product.

Having dealt with how to make a skull out of paper with your own hands, you can surprise everyone at the celebration or diversify your photo session.

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