How to learn to sew a quilt

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How to learn to sew a quilt?

Do you have the case that old things have already worn out, and it is a pity to throw them away? If so, be sure to use the patchwork technique - patchwork, to make interesting items for home use of bright fabrics that are not a pity, for example, a quilt.

How to sew a quilt?

Patchwork technique involves the collection of many pieces of bright fabric, after which they could be stitched together to form a solid fabric. This fabric can be used for sewing different things, butpatchwork quiltIt is the simplest product - it is from it that beginners are advised to begin learning patchwork.

There are three main stages of work on a blanket of fabric pieces.

Sewing the front part

Actually patchwork involves the creation of a beautiful upper part of the product - the matter of bright patches.


You can use any fabric, as long as the details match with each other in color, texture and density.

Assembling a blanket

If you leave only the upper part of the work, you will get not a blanket, but a thin sheet. The very same product should consist of three layers: the upper part, filler and lining.

Some skilled workers refuse to fill, choosing a sufficiently dense and warm lining layer for winter and a thinner layer for the summer.

Edge processing

The raw edges of the object will begin to crumble and take an ugly shabby look. As a rule, a quilt is handled on the edge with a bake - a wide fabric tape wrapping the side of the product so that the edge takes on soft, pleasant outlines.

Quilt - Outlines

Depending on your level of knowledge and skills of owning this type of needlework, choose a pattern for patchwork matter of the desired level of complexity. The simplest is the use of equilateral geometric shapes: squares, triangles, rhombuses, polygons.

Geometric patterns on the blanket

The alternation of parts of different shapes looks interesting too - first try to make identical patches of smaller squares and rectangles, then sew them into a single whole.

To make a patchwork with an interesting pattern, design patterns of repetitive details.

Mosaic pattern on the blanket

For example, a product created from shreds similar to mosaic details will look more interesting compared to a simple blanket of rectangles.

Another way to diversify the pattern of the future creation is to alternate the same elements of different colors. Create a bedspread in the form of a chessboard, with the symbol X or V of the same square shreds.

Blanket to the bedroom

This method can be used for sewing products of calmer colors - for example, if you want to get clothes not in the nursery, but for the parent bedroom.

Patchwork for beginners

If you are just getting acquainted with the art of patchwork, try to make the simplest quilt with your own hands - photos of the workflow are given below. So you not only get a nice blanket for the crib, but also understand the basic principles of working in this technique.

Blanket for beginners

You will need large patches of fabric of different colors, a long thin sheet of padding polyester and lining fabric - monochromatic coarse calico, for example. If you want to get the samepatchwork quiltas in the photos, follow the instructions clearly.

  • Cut 50 squares into 21 centimeters of fabric pieces.You can combine patches of two, three or more colors, having built your original pattern. But in the master class all the details are different.

Shreds fabric

  • Lay out the elements on a wide flat surface - the floor, the table - to form the necessary pattern and see how smooth the bedcover will turn out.
  • Start stitching shreds. First, combine the squares into strips along the width of the product.

Stripes fabric

  • Sew the resulting ribbons between each other with long sides to each other. After each sewing machine, be sure to smooth the product with an iron - it is easier to work with a smooth cloth than with a crumpled one. In addition, so you reduce the possibility of skewing matter.

Patchwork technique

  • Fold together identical parts of the blanket: ready-made patchwork, filler and lining. Attach them to each other along the tape lengths. If you are doing this work for the first time, professionals advise measuring the lining 5 centimeters wider and longer than the rest of the parts - even if the fabric is tilted slightly during the joining process, you will have a reserve.

The connection parts of the blanket

  • If you look at the side of the blanket, you will see a stratifying thing. Take a tape of such a width so that it can freely close the edge of the product from the lower and upper sides.

Use bei

  • Sew the beat almost to the very edge with the face to the lining of the product.


  • Now straighten the ribbon and wrap on the front side so that its free edge bends inwards. Stitch.

Edging the edge of the blanket

Your blanket is ready! Complete the set of bed linen with suitable bright pillowcases, bed sheets, and decorate the room in which the set will be located in the kinusiga technique made of the same fabrics.

Quilt - master class

If the previous method of sewing seemed too simple to you, read how to sew a quilt with your own hands from the same elements created by combining rectangles and squares of different sizes.

In this case, you are very useful mock mat for needlework - with it you can most accurately calculate the length and width of parts. Moreover, the squares that you prepare for the rug are made in three different ways in this master class.

  • Prepare 2 long and 2 short rectangles from one fabric, and from the other - a small square. Sew the details into a single large square.

Square of rectangles

  • Cut out 4 identical ribbons of such a size so that when they are joined together they form an equilateral figure.

Square of stripes

  • The third method is to tailor an element of 16 small squares.

Square of squares

  • After you have sewed the required number of pieces, join them in the same way as in the previous lesson - spread them out on a flat surface, prepare tapes connected in width, and attach them to each other.
  • The remaining items follow the same procedure as in the instructions above.

Quilt of squares

You can prepare as many details as you want, in the right size, from fabrics of different colors and patterns. For the first time, you can use the parameters of the first master class - 50 pieces with a side of 21 centimeters, in order to perform the quilt of your dreams using the quilting technique.

If you like to cope with difficult tasks, watch this video tutorial, which tells you how to sew a difficult, but very beautifulpatchwork quiltwith original irish pattern.

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  • How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt

    How to learn to sew a quilt