How to grow furatsilin

How to grow furatsilin?

Furacilin refers to antimicrobial drugs that are used for such ailments as angina, stomatitis, otitis, purulent wounds and other viral diseases.

The drug can be used as prescribed by the doctor, and independently, because it does not apply to potent drugs.

Precautionary measures

If you intend to use the drug withoutdoctor's appointment, be sure to check the individual intolerance of the drug components. Determine the individual intolerance of the drug is very easy and simple. It is enough to take a prepared solution of furatsilina and apply a drop to the skin of the forearm. After 10 minutes, you should examine the place, and if there is no swelling and redness, then you can safely apply a solution of furacilin. In this article, we'll talk about how to grow furacilin.

Variants of dissolution of furacilin

To prepare an aqueous solution of furacilin,it is enough to take one tablet of 20 mg per 100 ml of water. For the solution it is necessary to use hot water, and it is desirable to grind the tablet for the fastest dissolution. As soon as the water turns yellow, the sediment disappears and the water cools (it should not be hot, but warm), the solution is ready for use.

Proportions and method of application

Rinse your mouth

To rinse your mouth and throat is enoughuse one tablet per glass of water, i. e. 20 mg tablets per 200 ml of water. Do not forget that the rinse water should be warm and pleasant. Such a solution can rinse the oral cavity up to five times a day, but beforehand it is advisable to rinse the mouth and throat with a weak solution of soda before rinsing. It is soda that will help to remove from the walls of the throat and mouth pus and other formations, thereby strengthen the action of furatsilina.

If it is necessary to carry out the syringing of the proportion of furacilin, the same is usually used as in the rinsing of the throat.


Since furatsilin has a goodantiviral action, its solution can be used in the treatment of conjunctivitis. To prepare a solution for washing the eyes, you need to take two tablets of furatsilina, grind and dissolve well in one glass of water. After the solution has cooled, it must be filtered, so that even the smallest pieces of the tablet do not damage the eyes. Apply the solution with a cotton swab: pulling the eyelid, you need to swipe from the inside of the eye to the outside. In the same way, wash the other eye using another clean cotton swab. On how to rinse the eye, read in the article How to rinse the eye.

Damage to the skin

Because of its antibacterial properties, furacilinIt is also widely used for various skin lesions. To prepare a solution for the treatment of skin lesions, you need to take two 20 mg tablets of furacilin and 200 ml of hot water. The solution must be sterile when treating the wounds, so after dissolving the tablets, it is necessary to boil it on the fire for 30 minutes. Such a solution also helps well with burns: it will accelerate the healing of wounds.

In addition to the aforementioned diseases and body damage, furacilin solution can also be treated with acne, thrush, runny nose and other inflammatory processes in the body.

Additional recommendations on the dissolution of furacilin can be found in the article How to dissolve "Furacilin" in tablets.

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