How to gain weight baby

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How to gain weight for a child?

The normal weight of the child is one of the indicators of the health of the baby. Moms of slender children begin to worry if everything is fine with the crumbs, and seek out information on how to gain weight. Our article is intended to help such parents, in which we will talk about the reasons for the lack of body weight in children and how to normalize it.

Calculate the normal weight of the child

Before you make a conclusion about the weight gain from your child, find out if he really has deviations from the norm. Use the following calculation formulas:

  • up to half a year: the optimal body weight is calculated by multiplying 710 g by the age of the baby in months and the weight of the baby is added at birth.

For example, your son is 4 months old, at birth he weighed 3400 g, which means that now his optimal weight should be: 4 x 710 + 3400 = 6240 g.

Child on scales

Do not take this formula as an axiom: there are exceptions to every rule. If your baby is slowly growing, then it will not gain weight so quickly.

  • from 6 months to 1 year: multiply 6 710g, add the number of months spent after the execution of the six months, multiplying it by 400 g, and then plus the birth weight.

For an eight-month-old child born with a weight of 3400 g, the calculation will look like this: 6 x 710 + 2 x 400 + 3400 = 8460 g;

  • when calculating the weight of children from 12 months based on the body weight of a 5-year-old child - 19 kg. At the age of one to five, a child annually gains, on average, 2 kg, after five - 3 kg.

Therefore, in order to calculate the normal weight of a child under 5 years old, you need to use the formula 19 kg - N x 2, where N is the number of years that are not available before 5 years of age. Calculate the body weight of a child after 5 years using the formula: 19 kg + P x 3, where P is the number of years lived after 5 years of age.



3-year-old child: 19 - (5 - 3) x 2 = 15 kg

7-year-old child: 19 + (7 - 5) x 3 = 25 kg


But do not rush to despair, seeing that the weight of your child is less than that obtained as a result of the calculation of figures. This formula was developed by Soviet medicine on the basis of monitoring the development of children who are bottle-fed, who, in comparison with the rest of the children, are building up weight faster. Be better guided by the weight table developed by the World Health Organization:

Child weight table

If your baby weighs less than the lower limit of normal in the table, it means that you have a shortage of body weight, and you should find out the reasons for its lack of weight, and then decide how to gain weight.

Causes of weight deficit in children and ways to overcome them

To determine the causes of poor weight gain by a child, it is better to consult a doctor. Most often such reasons are:


Usually it is observed in babies who are breastfed. Poor sleep, moodiness and low rates of weight gain are sure signs that the baby is missing mother's milk.


The pediatrician will advise you to carry out a check weighing of the crumbs before and after meals and thus find out how much the baby eats at a time. According to the results of weighing, mummy, depending on the age of the toddler, will advise either to introduce complementary foods, or to supplement nutrition with milk formulas.

Gluten intolerance

The inability of the body to digest gluten (gluten) leads to poor absorption of nutrients. The child becomes lethargic and capricious, often complains of abdominal pain.


In this case, gluten-containing products must be removed from the child’s diet: baking wheat, rye and barley flour (includingbread, biscuits, cakes), pasta, all cereals (except buckwheat, millet, corn and rice), sweets (including chocolate), factory-made cottage cheese, ice cream, shop butter, yogurt, margarine, cheese, mayonnaise.


Instead, add to the everyday menu fish, vegetables, fruits, home-made cottage cheese, milk and butter, vegetable oil, millet, corn, buckwheat, rice, potatoes, legumes, any nuts;

Disorders in the gastrointestinal tract

You should be suspicious of frequent constipation and diarrhea, the greenish color of the baby’s feces and the characteristic sour smell, complaints of pain in the abdomen and heartburn.


Such symptoms are a reason to resort to medical care: a pediatrician diagnoses the cause and prescribe treatment.

Low calorie food

Baby food must be nutritious, otherwise the baby, although there will be a lot to eat, but will not be able to gain weight.

The daily energy dose of children is:


Age years Daily rate, kcal
1 — 3 1300 — 1500
3 — 6 1800 — 2000
6 — 10 2000 — 2400
10 — 13 2900


Arm yourself with a calorie calculator and consider whether the daily menu of a small family member complies with established standards. And only then reconsider the diet, making it more nutritious and nutritious by adding nuts, vegetable oils, meat,fish and dairy products whose fat content exceeds 3%.

Poor appetite

Here the main thing is to find out why the child does not want to eat.


When a baby refuses to eat because of feeling unwell, do not insist. Let the doctor figure out the reasons, and the child then catch up.

The child has a bad appetite.

When a kid complains about the taste of dishes, make changes to your recipes for baby food: add jam to porridge, and mild spices in soups and meat.


A sedentary lifestyle can also lead to a decrease in appetite. Walk with your child in the fresh air in outdoor games, write down to some kind of sports section or dance circle, and your appetite will be restored.

Genetic predisposition

When one of the parents has a slender physique, the child can also be thin. It is very difficult to gain weight in this case, and doctors recommend not to worry: if the baby is mobile and active, does not complain of indisposition and weakness, nothing needs to be done.

Baby nutrition tips

Caring moms, worried about the sunken cheeks of their little son or daughter, choose the wrong tactics of behavior, increasing the portions and forcing the baby, regardless of his desire, to eat everything to the last crumb.Parents do not understand: the child’s body itself knows how much food it needs.


The following tips will help you correctly build your line of behavior in matters of baby food:


1. Consult your doctor for vitamins that can improve your appetite. Properly selected complex stimulates the process of assimilation of nutrients, and the child will be able to gain weight more easily.


2. Praise the child when he has eaten well. Parents encouragement is a good incentive to eat a supplement.

Mom feeds her daughter

3. Do not scold the child when he does not finish the portion. The appetite will not improve, and the emotional state will not change for the better. Meanwhile, it indirectly affects the appetite.


4. Avoid family quarrels and conflicts: they adversely affect the child's desire to eat.


5. Consider the air temperature: you do not want to eat during the heat, so remove the “heavy” food from the menu for this time, replacing it with fruits, vegetables and cereals.


6. Observe the daily regimen. You should not expect a wolfish appetite from a baby who fell asleep after midnight: only a normally rested child eats well.


Gaining weight is a difficult task, but doable, you just need to approach its solution from the right side.

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