How to fill out a workbook

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How to fill out a workbook?

Employment record - such a rarity was forgotten long ago. In Russia and Ukraine, they also want to cancel it, but for now it remains the main document, which contains all the information about the employee’s work activity. What is the procedure for keeping and storing labor, what is the insert for and how to issue its duplicate?

Employee’s work records

Today in the Russian Federation is considered valid labor samples of 1938, 1973 and 2003.

And in 2004, the Russian workbook was issued, where the Soviet coat of arms was replaced with the symbol of Russia, the cover was gray, the document format was reduced, and the pages were added - now there are 44. The degree of protection that the new labor has.

Labor sample

In Ukraine, there is a labor book, the sample of which is established by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 301, but the documents of old samples are not yet subject to exchange.

Employment record - issuance and management

The work book should be kept on the workers of all enterprises, of any form of ownership, on which they worked for more than 5 days, including seasonal workers and temporary employees.

Those who are employed for the first time must have their work done not later than 5 days from the date of hiring (in Ukraine) and 7 days (in Russia).

And if you apply for a new job and sign an employment contract, you must provide your employment to the employer.

Employment record - how to keep records

Entries in the workbook should be made in full, without abbreviations, have their own sequence number.

Information about an employee is filled out on the basis of a passport or another document that certifies his identity (driver's license, military ID, passport).

It is important to remember that the records of the work performed by the employee, about the transfer, qualification, awarding are carried out on the basis of the relevant order or instruction (no later than one week), about the dismissal of the employee - on the day he leaves. The record must correspond exactly to the text of the order.

What information does the workbook contain? Data about the employee are written on the first title page: initials of the owner of labor, date of birth, year. Entries are also made about the education of the employee, profession and specialty.

Title page labor

Data on education must be indicated, guided by the document (basic general education, if there is a certificate of graduation, higher education - when there is a certificate of graduation from the university).

If the citizen has not yet received the profession, the column should be left blank and enter the specialty there after receiving it.

In the “Information about the work” section, an employee’s admission to a certain enterprise, his movements in work and dismissal are recorded (it is necessary to indicate the reasons).

In this section there are 4 columns: the sequence number of the record, the date of admission to work, the information about the work itself and on the basis of which (of which document, with the date and number) the record was made.

For example: Admitted to the sales department as a sales manager. Order of 05.09.2011 №79-к.

Dates must be written in Arabic numerals: 08/03/2015.

The name of the company should be written in the form of the title: Altair Limited Liability Company.

Filling labor

When an individual entrepreneur acts as an employer, his last name, first name and patronymic is written in the title: Merkulov Aleksandr Vitalevich.

The workbook also contains information on rewards and awards, on conferring honorary titles. But records of employee penalties in labor are not made.

Data on part-time work can be entered into the work, if that is the desire of the employee, the record is made at the place of his main work.

Since the labor is filled manually, sometimes mistakes can be made. In this case, the wrong record is not crossed out, but recognized invalid, after which they make the correct one.

When an employee leaves, all records made at this enterprise must be signed by the person responsible for the labor (or employer), seal of the company. The worker himself also puts his signature.

Insert in the workbook

There are frequent situations when the workbook is filled out on all pages, then an insert is required for further record keeping.

The insert must be hemmed and filled in according to the same rules as the labor itself. The most convenient way to file it in the middle of the book, but you can in any other place.

Labor liner

To fix the fact of issuing the liner, you should put a stamp "Issued liner" and indicate its series and number.

Typically, the stamp is affixed on the title page of the workbook, without closing the information specified there about the employee. An insert without a workbook is considered invalid.

Employment record - how to get a duplicate

In what cases is issued a duplicate of labor? The book could be lost, become useless (torn, burned, polluted).

In case of loss of the employment record, the employee is obliged to declare this fact at the last place of work. Duplicate him must issue no later than 15 days from the date of application.

The employee collects information about work at previous enterprises independently; this data must be documented. How to confirm - certificates, extracts from orders, personal files, payroll, payroll, employment contracts.

Then the employer, who issues a duplicate, enters there information about the work in his enterprise, awards and promotions, guided by the orders issued earlier.

Duplicate labor

He also records data on the total work experience up to the device at his enterprise, based on the documents provided. The employer takes notes on employment, transfer, and dismissal from other places of work, when they are documented.

Entries must be certified by the signature of the official who maintains work records, as well as the seal of the enterprise (personnel department or personnel service).

While there are disputes about the advisability of abolishing the employment record, this document remains important, it should be treated with care. A duplicate, in which case, of course, you get, but how much effort, time and nerves will it take?

When quitting a job, ask for the issuance of a labor book in your hands with all the necessary records, signatures and seals.

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  • How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook

    How to fill out a workbook