How to drink beer

How to drink beer?

As the practice of the peoples of the whole world shows, beeryou can drink completely differently, but to get the most pleasure from this drink and the procedure for its use, it is advisable to know some rules that have existed for centuries and give you an idea of ​​how to drink beer.

How to drink beer correctly

Very precise advice on this matter is notexists, but you can not drink beer with huge greedy sips (when the glass is drunk at a salvo, it's not water), but you can not drink it with small "drop" sips. The ideal option is to drink three sips, the first is to drink half a glass, the second - the remaining beer and the third - all the leftovers. Never drink beer for speed, such competitions to some extent disgrace the proper use of this drink.

Optimum dishes for drinking beer

Our ancestors preferred to drink beer from kegs, inwho knocked the bottom and poured the contents into his mouth (this was the case in the Czech Republic). But in our time beer is best to drink from small glasses, jugs or jugs with a volume of up to 1 liter. The shape of the vessel is not so important. It is important that inside it was as smooth as possible - the beer should flow down the walls, at the top the vessel should gradually taper.

Absolutely spoils the taste of beer popular plastic today. It's hard to imagine how you can drink beer from these glasses while enjoying this.

Mixing beer with other beverages

Beer categorically can not be confused with other drinks, it spoils this.

Do not add any syrups to the beer, etc. It is also forbidden to mix with other alcoholic beverages, even with other types of beer, this makes it unsuitable for consumption and loses its flavor.

Beer is a very specific drink and adding any other components to it completely deprives you of the opportunity to enjoy and feel its true taste when used.

The optimum temperature of the beer served

You can fully enjoy beer, onlyif it is properly cooled (ideal temperature is + 6-8 ° C). Now there are a lot of lovers of hot beer, but these are more experiments in search of something new than the proper use of beer. But if the temperature is not optimal, then the beer begins to lose its taste qualities. Beer can not tolerate sudden temperature changes (warm up or shovel into the freezer).

How to properly pour beer

Correct bottling on the bar or pouring beer from a bottle is just as important as selecting the right ingredients.

It is best to pour the beer in the very center of the vessel withheight about 2.5 cm above the edge of the glass. After the appearance of the foam, it is necessary to add beer to reach a certain mark (or three-quarters of the height of the vessel). Strongly it is not recommended to pour beer from a glass into a glass or mix unfinished beer with a new one. Also, do not shake the bottle, it has a detrimental effect on the beer itself.

Beer Foam. All about exactly what it should be

Elite, high-quality beer is determinedit is by foam. If it is curved, formless or liquid, then the beer will also be unpleasant. Ideally, the foam should resemble sour cream, be almost white and without bubbles.

From the "right" foam is formed the so-called"a cap". This can be achieved by cutting the foam along the contour of the vessel, before adding the rest of the beer. To achieve a reference type of foam, you can use only a clean and specially made for drinking beer.

Beer tasting. How to do it right

In the Czech Republic there are such masters who can determine the brand and strength of beer from 30 varieties. Such abilities are naturally the fruits of long training of taste buds.

The main rule for tasting isthe definition of taste is not the tip of the tongue, but with the help of the back of the mouth, that's where all the taste cells are located. Long trainings can give an opportunity to memorize certain types of beer.

"Beer" food, or what is best served in beer

In our time, traditional seafood to beer has become a variety of seafood or crackers with chips (which only spoil the taste of beer).

It is ideal to drink beer with various smoked products,fatty meat or cheeses of certain varieties. Also suitable chicken wings, small salty snack on skewers and sausages. The main thing in this business is the taste of each individual consumer. Everyone likes different dishes.

Ideal conditions for beer storage

The work of all people who work to create a tasty beer would be meaningless, if there were not the right conditions for storing beer and preserving its optimal taste parameters.

A draft beer is best kept in cellars that are well ventilated. But you can only store beer there and nothing more, so that there are no extraneous aromas in the room.

The rules for storing bottled beer are no different, the temperature should be around 3 ° C to 8 ° C. Avoid direct sunlight on bottles and storage in freezers.

How often can you use beer

To ensure that beer does not cause harm to health, it is worthuse it in certain quantities. The optimum dose is 2 liters per week. If you drink 0.2 liters a day, it is even useful, due to the presence in the beer of various valuable trace elements, but taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. It is worth remembering one thing - drinking is always necessary in moderation, it is enough just to feel the taste of a good beer. To drink beer in huge quantities means to harm your health.

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