How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil

How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil

Fairy-tale characters inspire children. Girls want to be as beautiful as Vasilisa the Beautiful, and the boys make their heroes heroes: Alyosha Popovich, Dobrynya Nikitich and Ilya Muromets. That's about the last fairy-tale hero, we'll talk today. As it was represented by the domestic animated studio "Mill", we know, today we will try to draw Ilya Muromets by analogy. How to do it, read below.

Preparation of materials

How to draw Ilya of Murom? First we need to find out what we will be depicting it. It is clear that the pencil, but because they are so different. We need three pieces: solid - for the sketch, hard-soft - for the basic drawing and soft to complete the work. But pencils are not everything. To draw an illustration, we need to pick the right paper. In clerical stores today a huge choice, you can find sheets with invoice under linen, leather, wood. But we need a usual Whatman. Why? Yes because the texture paper is intended for drawing by paints, basically a water color, or for a soft material. Pencil drawing on it looks bad, especially if it was made in a small format. Well, the last thing that we can use is an eraser. It can not be saved on it, since cheap types do not erase the lead, but dilute the dirt.

Drawing a sketch

How to draw Ilya of Murom in pencil? The first thing we need is a sketch. Artists call it a sketch. This is the first stage of work on Ilya Muromets. How to draw a figure? To begin with it needs to be arranged. See that the hero is placed on the sheet not strictly in the middle, but a little higher. From the bottom, you always need to leave a little more space than the top. We have defined the size, now we designate the head as a circle. She must fit into the figure 6 times. In an ordinary person, the proportions of the body are slightly different, but we are drawing Ilya of Murom. How to draw a shoulders? Again, you need to measure how many times the head will "fit" into them. It turns out 4 times. We have chosen the shoulders, now we turn to the drawing of the feet. The head is laid in them 1,5 times. This stage of further detail does not require. Now that we have all the proportions ready, we need to competently link the lines to the already planned to draw ilya muromets

Getting Started

How to draw a drawing of Ilya of Murom, similar tocharacter from the cartoon? What should be the next steps? After the sketch, we proceed to refine the details and, of course, start with the head. We need to draw it competently, or rather, build it. We already have an oval, so inside it we need to draw a circle. This will be the front part. Let's mark the axes on this circle. Now draw the eyes. To make it easier, you can draw a head in ¾. Beginners rarely get to draw two eyes the same way. Eyes are ready, now draw a curved strip of nose. Below him, we immediately draw a mustache, a line of chin and beard. Do not forget to depict eyebrows. The face is ready, now go to the hair. We plan ears, they are on the same line with the nose. When drawing hair, you need to be careful, Ilya Muromets has a to draw iliu muroma on horsebackWhen the head is ready, go to the figure. Draw a shirt and boots.

Finish the construction

The figure is ready, now the laststrokes. It is necessary to work out small and precise details. For example, the hero will look unrealistic if he does not have wrinkles on his shirt. And the scabbard will be too simple, if you do not apply any pattern to them. It is also necessary to detail the belt. At this stage, you can also draw wrinkles on the elbows. Well, the final touch - the study of the head of the to draw iliu murom with pencil


To give the picture volume, you need to work withchiaroscuro: darken the folds on the shirt, put a shadow on the face and give the sword volume. Line strokes should lie on a figure or object. Do not dilute the mud and smear with a pencil from side to side. Easy strokes in one direction, we plot the strokes. At the end of the process, you need to walk a soft pencil on the silhouette. Then the hero will have clear boundaries, which have been blurred during the time of working on the drawing.

If you do not want to bother yourself, then you need toat least in different colors convey the garments. For example, the boots and strap make black, the sword is gray, and on the armlets one should walk a little with a hard to draw a picture ilya muromets

Other variations

How to draw Ilya Muromets on horseback? To do this, you must repeat all the actions in the same sequence, only draw another story. For easier work, you can copy from a freeze frame from the cartoon. You can think of a more interesting story - how Ilya Muromets fights, or even fantasize how he flies on a dragon. Hatching for each situation should be selected separately. If we are depicting a battle scene, we need to focus on the main character - Ilya Muromets on horseback. How to draw a character so that it stands out from the mass of other figures? Well, of course, put it on the foreground and make it a little darker than the whole environment.

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  • How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil How to draw Ilya Muromets in stages with a pencil