How to decorate Classmates

How to decorate "Classmates"?

The popularity of the Odnoklassniki network is unquestionableis great. Thanks to this site, many found each other after tens of years. And now communicating with former classmates gives a lot of pleasure to some of them. But at the moment, the site is interesting not only because you can communicate, here you can get a lot of useful and interesting information for yourself. And, of course, many users dream of having their page ball beautifully framed. Consider how to decorate the page in Odnoklassniki.

Decoration of the page "Classmates"

Administration of the site provides an opportunityEach user to change the theme of the design, thereby decorating his page. It can be made unique, unique and bright. For this purpose, social network designers have prepared and developed more than forty distinct unique designs. You can choose any and set it on your page as the cover. For this you need:

  • Log in to your page in Odnoklassniki.
  • Find the link in the right upper corner in the form of a colorful rainbow circle.
  • Bring the cursor to it, and the link "Decorate your page" will appear.
  • Click on this link.
  • You will see various topics that you can apply to your page.
  • Having chosen the design you like, you need to click on the "Install" button, if you want a different design, click "Choose a different theme".

If you want to remove from your profile earlierinstalled theme, you need to click on the same link and select the standard layout. Therefore, before decorating "Classmates", it is worth thinking about whether you need to do this. Developers of a site always consider wishes of the users, therefore constantly prepare new additions and improvements. Administrators group is also given the opportunity to decorate the page of the group, it can be done for free by following the link "Decorate your group." In the proposed directory you can choose the theme you like.

Name decoration

Many people pay attention to the fact that someusers of the network "Classmates" the names and surnames are framed by beautiful symbols. Consider how to decorate the page in "Classmates" by writing beautifully your name. This can be done in three ways:

  • The first way. To do this, you need to use the symbol table, which is located in Windows. We find the table of symbols through the "Start" menu, we go to the "Standard" folder and then our table is in the service folders. Your attention will be offered a lot of various symbols, they are different from each other, so everyone will choose for themselves exactly that individual.
  • The second way. For those users who have a Macintosh or Linux operating system, they can select a favorite symbol on the site. Any character you like can be copied. This is done simply with the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C, and then you need to insert this symbol into the desired position using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V. You can insert the symbol before the name or surname, or after them. Now you can enjoy the beauty of your creativity.
  • The third way. This is a rather exotic way, with which you can decorate your name on the page of the network "Classmates". But everything is done very simply. To do this, use the "Alt" key and the numeric block located on the right side of the keyboard. Note that the "Num Lock" button on the numeric keypad is on. Simultaneously press "Alt" and any digit, as a result you get an interesting symbol. For example, by pressing Alt at the same time and number 4, we get pretty diamonds, etc.

Now you know how to decorate "Classmates" withusing various themes and interesting characters. This will allow you to make your page individual, reflecting your mood and inner world. We wish you good luck and be individual!

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