How to connect autostart

How to connect autostart?

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How to connect autostart?

Car alarms are a reliable helper whenit's about security. As you know, this system is installed to protect the car from theft. Today almost every car is equipped with an alarm system that notifies the driver in case of unauthorized access to the car and attempt to steal.

If we talk about the alarm with an auto start, then this concept means an anti-theft installation that can automatically start the engine and other settings of the car.

Advantages and disadvantages of autorun alarm

Like any system, the alarm with autostart can have positive and negative sides. The advantages include the following:

  1. a small price (the cost of such a service in the cabin is from 3 to 5 thousand rubles);
  2. availability of various functions;
  3. relative ease of installation;
  4. convenience;
  5. saving time;

Of course, there are disadvantages:

  1. such a device "eats" the power of the battery, so you may need a battery with a higher power;
  2. it happens that the autorun system works much better than the alarm itself.

What you need to install and connect autorun alarms

First of all, you need to purchase an alarm systemwith autostart. In this kit, you are most likely to find installation instructions - a schematic. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with this scheme. Be sure to check whether there are all necessary for mounting the device, the wires are of sufficient length. It is worth noting that you will also need experience with electronics. If you have never worked with this, it is better to contact the service department, as this can be not only inefficient, but also dangerous.

During the installation, we will need the following tools:

  • long curly screwdriver;
  • insulation tape;
  • the key is 10 mm (front);
  • diode 1N4007 and multimeter;
  • clamps for 200 millimeters;
  • soldering iron and solder (PIC-60);
  • a three-meter corrugated tube with a diameter of 10 millimeters.

Also in the car you need a central lock and limit switches in the doors. In addition, it should be possible to install additional door activators.

Set the autostart alarm

So, how to connect autorun from the alarm?

  1. First, we remove all the lining on the frontcar panel. For the most part, they are attached using screws or pistons. In order to remove the lining, carefully look at the type of fastening, where necessary, we help ourselves with a screwdriver or turn the pistons.
  2. Antenna is glued to the windshield behind the barmirrors, and the wire from it we start up to the lantern. The impact sensor is best placed behind the glove box. As for the service button, it is placed in the most inconspicuous place, but in such a way that access to it is instant and easy.
  3. We call (we define the assignment using a multimeter) all the conductors in the left threshold.
  4. Through the regular seal we install in the under-hood space wires of the siren and the hood end. Also under the hood we install a motor temperature analyzer, a siren and a hood tip.
  5. After we connect the central lock. The alarm unit itself should already be located behind the dashboard.
    • we find on the left side of the floor wire that comes out of the rack and is part of the thick wire.
    • we clean the wire a little and see that it consistsof the three - blue (signal wire), white-red (+ 12V) and brown (minus). According to the alarm setup, we connect 6-wire wires to these wires to control the car door locks.
  6. We perform the connection of an anti-device - immobilizer. This device breaks the electrical signal circuit and prevents the car from starting up, thus preventing a signal conflict with the autorun system:
    • the frame of the bypass module is installed on the ignition frame, with the key placed in the crawler;
    • the conductors coming from the ignition lock are placed together with the power ignition circuits;
    • set the number of attempts that the starter will hold (usually 3 attempts, maximum - five).
  7. Connect the red starter wire to power the alarm and other attributes. Set up the starter: scrolling - 1 second, on-time - 10 seconds, switching on the second ignition circuit - 90 seconds.

All wires are laid in a corrugated tube,which was mentioned in the beginning, we hide the wires, we return all the covers and covers back and get a rather aesthetic system, which to everything else and pleases you with its useful functions.

Other accessories for the car can be found in the articles in the section: Automotive Accessories.

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