How to become a football player

How to become a football player?

Football has long occupied the first line in theranking the most popular team sports games. Many people want to not just watch the beautiful game of professionals, but also to be in their place or at least do everything so that the beloved son embodied the wishes of the parents in life. And then the legitimate question is brewing: how to become a professional football player, not only to kick the ball, but also to earn it for life? A definite step-by-step recipe for success, alas, does not exist, but it is worthwhile to listen to the recommendations of professionals in this sphere.

At what age do you start training?

To grow a professional athlete,Of course, you need to start playing sports since childhood. As for football, unlike, say, hockey, do not give the child to a section or school at an early age. A boy of five or six years still does not understand the essence of the game, the principles, strategy and tactics of football. Start with a simple game in the yard, deal with the child yourself, so to speak, on an amateur level.

Physical training

If you are thinking about how to becomefootball player, then in the first place, we need to develop the physical qualities: speed, strength, endurance, speed of reaction. A healthy lifestyle and a complete rejection of bad habits is an indispensable component of the life of any professional athlete. Be ready, you will have to train hard and hard, but the result will not come immediately. If you are preparing a child for a future sports career, begin to teach him first to other sports. Well develops endurance swimming in the pool. Track-and-field athletics develop correct tactics of running and develop high-speed qualities. Combat sports contribute to the development of the power qualities of the future athlete. Make a schedule of different sports for each day of the week, do not forget to include regular game of ball in the yard. On Sunday, you can arrange a day off.

Professional training

According to the Dutch professionalfootball coaches, it is necessary to begin regular reinforced training with the ball at the age of seven. Be prepared to sacrifice something, and studying your child in school will, alas, not come first. In addition, you can not refuse and from other areas in the sport, which were listed above.

By the age of eight, you will need to pick up a goodchildren's football school. The more time will be given to lessons, the more noticeable will be the result, the more skills will be received, the more sophisticated the technique of the game and the more professional the player can become. Teach your child to listen carefully to the coach and work on the errors.

In how to become a good football player, helpregular viewing matches with the stars of football. We need to closely monitor their technique and try to remember and repeat interesting techniques. The most important thing in any sport is to have a desire to engage in it and be able to sacrifice some things for the sake of achieving the goal. If the child has no desire, and you did not manage to infuse it to the age of eight, do not force and force him to do what he does not like.

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