Hot Italian hair extensions: technology

Hot Italian hair extensions: technology

Some girls are naturally thin thinhair, and they dream of voluminous hair. Other women are not satisfied with the length, and I do not want to raise a braid to the waist for several years. In such cases, overhead strands will come to the rescue. And why it is worth using Italian hair extensions in a hot way, you will find in the article.

Italian hot hair extension technology

Take a closer look at the history

This technology of hair extensions was invented in 1991year David Gold, hair stylist. The clients constantly complained to him that the artificial strands did not stick well to the resin capsules that were used in the popular English method. Then the hairdresser decided to invent a special glue that would cope with its task. He made it based on keratin (frozen protein). This glue already reliably fixed donor hair and minimized their loss and combing out.

Modern strands

Hair extensions by Italian technologyis made with the help of keratin capsules. They are a unique polymer, which almost half consists of organic substances. Such modulated keratin provides a firm fixation for a long time with the smallest size of the capsule.

This adhesive is already connected to donorcurls in small bundles. Capsules will be absolutely imperceptible, as modern technology allows them to be painted in any colors. Today, for making strands, natural European or Slavic hair of every possible shade is most often used. Therefore, the grown locks in the Italian way look quite natural.

hot Italian hair extensions

Areas for building up

Other methods of giving a fluffy hairstyleallow you to make overhead strands only in the back of the head and temples. But the Italian hot hair extension technology has made a real breakthrough. With her help, you can silently attach bunches of curls, even near the parting. Also, invisible capsules make it possible to grow a thick bang, which the girls did not even dream about before.

Preparing for growth

As soon as you want to have long thick tresses, do not run immediately to the hairdresser for an extension. Girls recommend first to do the following:

  • In advance, treat the hair, if they are not in very good condition.
  • Select an experienced master, preferably by feedback.
  • Ask him about the build-up. Each hairdresser gives his recommendations.
  • Immediately before the procedure, wash your head. Capsules well glued only to clean strands.

Only with these simple tips you will not cause any problems, the Italian technology of hair extensions. Women's reviews confirm this.

Selection of strands

For Italian technology, somerestrictions on length. The minimum can be increased 6 centimeters, and the maximum - 70. To give an additional volume, depending on the density, on average 60 donor curls will leave. If you want to get really magnificent and long hair, then you need up to 200 strands. All these nuances need to be discussed with the chosen master.

hair extension for Italian technology

When the optimal number of strands isdetermined, the hairdresser will pick up the curls that best fit your color. If they are not found, it does not matter. They can be painted in any shade. But in the arsenal of a professional master there are always about 60 curls of various tones. When the Italian hair extension is completed, you can do any haircut or styling.

Extension procedure

First a thin strand is separated and applied toher donor's bundle. Do this, usually receding from the roots from 3 to 10 millimeters. Then the special capsule is tightly tightened by a few seconds. After that, it becomes flat and inconspicuous. The heating temperature is selected individually depending on the condition of the hair. But it will not be more than 90-180 degrees. At this temperature, the girls at home straighten and curl their hair. So the Italian hair extensions will not do much harm.

Thus, step by step from the occiput to the templesThe master fastens the capsules to the bunches of client's curls. To the touch they are like a tiny seal, more flexible and soft than with other ways of building. Therefore, the girl is not particularly uncomfortable.

Italian hair extension technology reviews

The procedure is quite long, lasts a fewhours. In its completion, the master specializes in flattening all the hair. And after the scissors a sliding slice is made to hide the difference between the accentuated and living strands.

Wearing time

Masters of Italian build-up say thatThe terms depend on the initial length of the client's own curls. It is at least two months, and a maximum of six months. Judging by the experience of the girls themselves, the correction should be done every two months. With slow hair growth, re-growth can be done in four months, but not later. In any case, this is a long enough period of wearing compared to other techniques.

Correction procedure

To hot Italian hair extensionsalways looked beautiful, you need to make correction in a timely manner. It is absolutely harmless and does not destroy natural strands. Therefore, the capsule can be reinstalled immediately after they have been removed.

To remove keratin crystals, hairdresserputs on them a special solvent. After a while they will soften and become pliable. Capsules are broken with tongs resembling pliers, and donor strands are simply pulled down. After that, the hair is thoroughly combed and washed with shampoo to remove the remnants of keratin. Strands after removal are also not damaged, so they can be reused. Such savings can not but rejoice girls.

Italian capsular hair extensions

Advantages of Italian build-up

Fashion designers prefer this technology due to numerous pluses. It:

  • keratin capsules are considered the most reliable;
  • build-up is imperceptible and does not cause discomfort when socked;
  • Strands can be fastened in any area of ​​the head;
  • the procedure does not injure natural and donor hair;
  • You can go to the bathhouse, sauna or on the beach;
  • keratin crystals are hypoallergenic;
  • long enough to wear socks.

Disadvantages of the method

Despite all the advantages, the Italian capsular hair extension still has its drawbacks.

  • The process is very time-consuming and lengthy (even for a professional hairdresser it takes several hours).
  • The result largely depends on the skill and experience of the extension operator.
  • Keratin capsules in the first days cause discomfort.
  • Technology is not suitable for girls with dermatitis and seborrhea.

Features of care

After building up at first, hair can not betouch and fiddle. Capsules should be allowed to harden, otherwise they will fall off. Pleyokoy and hot hair dryer can be used if you do not affect the basal area.

Italian Hair Extensions

Wash your hair no more than twice a week, and thenwith the use of gentle shampoos. On the roots should not fall into masks, balms and other aids. Combs should be special, for hair extensions. Usually they have two-level denticles: soft natural and silicone.

If you do not neglect these tips, thenItalian hair extensions will be an ideal option. Trust only a qualified expert with experience and experience, and he will please you with a hairdo, which you have long dreamed of.

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