Fonbet bookmaker: reviews of players and review

"Fonbet" bookmaker: reviews of players and review

Bookmaker business existed long beforeXXI century. The first recorded fact proving the emergence of gambling was an ancient story, telling of two beggars from China. They argued about which way the leaf would fall, which the wind blew. The argument was for money. This story is dated back to the IV century BC. Since that time, it took a long time, but the excitement and spirit of competition developed year after year, as a result of which people argued for money, housing, weapons and even women. The next mention of the dispute over money was the story of how people bets on gladiators during the Roman Empire. The winner was the one who bet on the surviving gladiator. This type of betting has survived to this day, that's only instead of gladiators - football clubs, tennis players, horses and so on.

The first official mention of bookmaking

Officially the first appearance of the bookmaker officewas recorded in 1766, when in England the opening of the racecourse was held, at which wealthy citizens had the opportunity to put in horse races. By the way, it is the English consider the instigators of such gambling. Since the twentieth century across the United Kingdom began to appear so-called booths, in which a person could put a certain amount of money for a sporting event.

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Soon, bookmakers began to appear around the world. America, Australia and China were the first countries that used the habit of citizens to let their money go to bookmakers. As time went on, many business people began to think about formalizing their business, because bookmakers had been outlawed for a long time. Under their pressure, officials promoted bills that would legally legitimate bookmakers.

The beginning of the history of BC Fontbet

Since the 1990s, when the Internet began to developleaps and bounds, the largest bookmakers began to transfer to the Network. As for the domestic bookmakers, one of the first appeared bookmaker office "Fonbet". The company was founded in 1994. The bookmaker office "Fonbet" initially, like many others, operated in the form of ground receiving points, in which the registration procedure for a bet on a particular sporting event was carried out.

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Since the beginning of its existence BC "Fonbet"Has opened more than 900 similar points of reception of money at gamblers across all Russia. An amazing figure, given that for a long time such a business was considered illegal. By the way, today in Russia and Ukraine officially veto on the conduct of such activities is officially fixed at the legislative level, that's why most bookmakers switched to the Internet.

There is a legal collision, because the bookmaker"Fonbet", whose bids were accepted in paper form, received the necessary package of documents confirming the possibility of doing business in Russia. The receipt of this document is dated by a time when bookmaking activity was still considered legitimate.

Legal collision

A similar situation with the activity of bookmakersis a legal collision, as de jure such activities are prohibited, but de facto the company conducts business in accordance with the permission of state bodies. The legal name of the bookmaker is ZAO FOG. It was this company that received permission to carry out activities in the field of gambling in offices and sweepstakes. Internet activities of many companies are licensed by countries that are famous for their economic and fiscal freedom. The license for conducting activities on the Internet BC "Fonbet" was in CuraƧao. This state is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Many bookmakers register their legal address in this country, where the government is not greedy when issuing licenses for bookmakers.

"Fonbet" - one of the first BC of Russia

The title of one of the first offices of Russia isa certain responsibility, because many gamblers have gone through the bookmaker "Fonbet", reviews about which are very different. However, in the courtyard of the XXI century, and the Internet is available for every gambler, which means that the one who has been busted by the office, nothing is worth poking an angry comment addressed to the bookmaker. Therefore, we can safely say that any feedback on the bookmaker office "Fonbet" can hardly be called objective.

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The influence of reviews on the "Fonbet"

To say that this bookmaker has a lot ofnegative feedback, this is nothing to say. Sports forums are full of negative about BC "Fonbet". The feedback of players can greatly undermine the reputation of every bookmaker. Many times there have been comments about the fact that the office on the Internet acts in bad faith. Complaints were recorded that this BC is writing off funds from the accounts of its registered players. Players in an attempt to achieve justice often turn to the site administration, but the overwhelming majority did not receive any response from the technical support of Fontbet. Reviews in sports forums are the main weapon of the players, because thanks to them, a beginner "better" who reads such information will choose another bookmaker, and "Fonbet" will lose a potential client.

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"Betters" are increasingly complaining about the periodicdelay in the payment of winnings. It's time for the site administration to think about the integrity of the company Fonbet. Toto, whose reviews are one of the few positive moments of the company, strangely enough, is very popular among many gamblers. In general, the bookmaker presented is quite authoritative, because practically every gambler has heard about this office. He was always famous for the coefficients, as well as for the wide line.

Positive moments of BC "Fonbet"

BC "Fonbet" reviews are not only bad. Of course, there are comments from players who respond very positively about this bookmaker. The fact is that regular customers have been using the services of this office for a long time. And regardless of whether they win or lose, they still return to BC Fontbet. Positive feedback is directed to ground bets, because there is a top-level service. In offices there is always a fresh line, which is available on the tables, courteous cashiers, and the premises themselves are very comfortable. All this is very important for gamblers of old hardening, trusting the real transfer of money from hand to hand.

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Fonbet on the Internet

As for the company's website, it isthe highest level. Although for a long time the office did not change the external appearance of its resource, the design of the site is still very attractive. On the main page there are the latest news of the sports world, which can play an important role in choosing a particular bet. In addition, the bookmaker places the most popular bets in the "Betting Day" section, clicking on which, you will automatically be transferred to the line where this sporting event is located. An important section is the place where all the most important news about the bookmaker is located, whether it is the release of a new application or the expansion of sports broadcasts. You will find out all this on the main page. The right block has a live line, which shows what events are happening at the moment. The player only after registration will be able to make an instant bet on the live event.

Video on the bookmaker's website

Another nice feature isthe ability to view live video on the site. The bookmaker constantly expands the list of countries whose citizens can watch the sport right on the site after registration. This service can provide a few offices, because it is worth a lot of about the bookmaker office fontebetFrom domestic offices at the moment suchthe level of service can only be provided by Marathonbet, but today it is difficult to call it domestic, because now the company officially operates under the license of the same country that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, while actively pursuing expansion to Eastern Europe.

Other features of the office

Some time ago the function was addedfinancial rates, the essence of which is to try to earn cash on the differences in exchange rates. But the main advantage of this bookmaker is its line. A huge number of sports events are available on the site. The main sport can be called football, because "Fonbet" gives the player the right to bet on the lower leagues of Germany, England, Italy and Spain. Of course, there is a beautiful list of matches of Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstan championships. In addition, "betters" will find on the site rates even for regional leagues of Russia. Despite the large number of negative reviews, the bookmaker holds the brand "Fonbet". Bookmaker, reviews about which you can find a variety of, allows players to bet on horse racing, and also try their luck in toto. The essence of this is to predict the outcome of 15 matches. Luckily, predicted all 15 outcomes correctly, will receive a jackpot, the size of which sometimes reaches 16 million rubles.fonbet player reviewsThe site has technical support in the form ofLive-chat, whose employees are obliged to assist you in any situation that arose when using the Fonbet BC website. The betting made by the betters is not in accordance with the rules, technical support is canceled instantly, so players who rely on the fact that it will be possible to win money fraudulently will be disappointed. Also you need to know that the site is available in Russian and English. The Fonbet office, which can be easily found on numerous forums, still remains one of the best Russian companies providing bookmaking services to gamblers.

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